Fitting back into clothes

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Hey everyone! 

Im now 4 weeks +1 day from my surgery. I'm still pretty swollen from my surgery and can't fit into any of my clothes yet. I'm wondering how long it took for you to be able to wear pre surgery clothes comfortably? I had a radical nephectomy of my left kidney if that helps. 





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    The Battle of the Buldge



    Most of that buldge will go down over the first year. Some of mine is still there after 14 years less 2 days. Get a few strchy clothes for the next 14 years.




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    What an opportunity

    Kerry, what an opportunity to do a little shopping. If you can't get out to shop, there's online. Get yourself a couple of outfits you totally LOVE and will be sad to see be too large when your midriff is back to its old self. I'd been stockpiling some "recovering" sweats and such (but they are so "meh"), but just got two anything-but-sweats outfits I absolutely adore (Thrift shop - woot). Then it'll be, "Some of my clothes don't fit."

    When your midriff is back to its usual self, you can donate your neph outfits and bless somebody with them. Win-win-win. 

    Totally not answering your question (but hang in there... and tell that stuff in the closet that's hollering at you to chill),