Avastin chemo Drug -- Has anyone here taken it?

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Hi everyone! I come from the breast cancer forum. I have a friend who is now facing brain mets. She received full brain radiation and it did not work as well as they wished it did. They are now offering the chemo drug called Avastin, which is usually used for brain cancer but they have seen good results with it for breast cancer brain mets.

Has anyone here taken this chemo drug? If so, what are the side effects?

Thank you so much. I hope everyone is doing well. XOXO


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    My husband is taking Avastin

    My husband is taking Avastin now for his brain tumor. So far no side effects, but no improvements either.God Bless

  • I have stage 4 colon to liver

    I have stage 4 colon to liver cancer. Been on Avastin for 14 sessions along with 3 other drugs. Not too many side effects from Avastin other than fatigue and some joint discomfort but nothing too terrible.  Oxyplatinen is the chemo drug that causes substantial side effects and Onc's usually take their patient off of it around the 8 th treatment so you dont become a chemo-cripple --- it gives severe numbness in all fingers and toes, runny nose, nausea.  Im still waiting to get over these side effects and its been 2 months now.

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    It's been my understanding that Aavastin is not chemo, but helps to stop the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors. I have been getting IV treatments of Avastin every three weeks (since Nov. 2015) and will continue to do so for the rest of my life for lung cancer. So far, so good. The only side effect I have had was nausea but now recieve Zofran by IV before my treatment. Have not been sick since. Hope this helps! Susan


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    Avastin IV Injections

    Hi, my name is Tara and I have brain cancer and am currenlty on Avastin IV. I do not know if it is working yet but I have minimal side effects: hives, heartburn. I know that Avastin is an antibody that flows through the blood system and is suppose to eat away things like tumors when they meet! I am very optomistic and have a lot of faith that this will work for me! 

    Cant hurt to try it!

    God BlessLaughing

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    I was given Avastin IV for my brain necrosis. I do have some arthitis as a result, but it was definitely worth it in my case to stop the necrosis.