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Hello....so my sister was diagnosed with stage 1a grade 2 cancer. she had the total hysterectomy and then the internal radiation .  Dr didnt think she needed anything else and told her that it would probably nevr come back. 4 months later she had stomach pains and went to ER and they saw mulitple tumors. She started radiation, carbo/taxol, every three weeks. After she finished 3 treatments, she just had a new CT scan. The dr said some of the tumors had shrunk, but now they see spots in her liver. They want her to have 2 more rounds of chemo and then another scan.  They said they arent 100 percent sure that the liver ones are totally new. Because the scan she had in the ER was in august and she didnt start chemo til mid Sept so maybe they came while waiting for chemo?? Dont know if they are just trying to give hope or if this is really possible.  Does anyone know if its possible that she pull out of this and still go into remission? Has anyone heard of any stories before where this has happened? My sister is only 46. No other significant health issues. Thanks for any insight you can give.  


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    I am so sorry to hear this!!!

    I am so sorry to hear this!!!  My heart is crying for you.  I can't answer any of your specific questions re: stories, etc..but statistics are based on large averages and she is a statistic of ONE.  In the famous words of Winston Churchill, "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up."  

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    I am so sorry that this is

    I am so sorry that this is happening to your sister.  There ae many strong couragous women out there that have survived against incredible odds.  I talked to a delightful lady last week at the cancer center who has been living with cancer for 15 years and she still had a smile on her face.  Don't pay to much attention to the statistics and odds, because everyone is different.  I have had 26 chemo treatments in the last three years, and I am still here.  I have many more good days than bad.  I have dicovered how very blessed I am. I plan to be around to enjoy life for a long time yet.

    I am glad your siter has a caring sister to help her through the hard times,  Hugs and prayers to both of you.  Lou Ann

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    The gentle condition of blood binds some relatives like glue,

    Sorry about the situation but hugs to your loving  compassionate self  You are being wonderful giving a voice to your sister when she is no doubt speechless and worn out. 46 !! dear God, oh how I wish for a magic wand that actually works. With this kind of cancer, no one  knows what will happen from one day to the next.Just stay hopeful, I wish you both the best of outcome.Please come by when wondering and crying isn't enough,We have great strength in numbers.Blessings of NED I wish for her. and comfort for you,

    Nuff love. Moli

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    Thank you everyone for your

    Thank you everyone for your words of encouragment. She is staying positive and we're hoping the 2 tumors in her liver on the new CT scan had popped up sometime between the CT scan in August and the start of chemo in Sept. IT has already proven to be a fast spreading cancer since it recurred and spread in just 4 months after surgery. No new tumors except for the ones in the liver.  I guess we'll jsut wait and see.