need help with new diagnosis

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Hi my name is Ann and I am usually on the kidney board, but here i am. My husband George had a complete kidney removal due to a cancer

inside the kidney.  No chemo or radiation was necessary.  Complained shortly afterward of neck pain and was sent for a cT, then had a biopsy guided

by ultrasound.  The results came back yesterday he has something called "follicular neoplasm"whidh the DR said may be benignbut that surgical excision is

recommended.  We see him on the 4th of may.  He is a wonderful ear, nose and throat Doctor.  Operated on me a few times and I have all the faith that

he will handle this the best.

Questions: may be benign does this mean 50 50 chance.  Does anyone think that this is related to the kidney cancer. I've already answered my own question

and now so afraid of where this damn disease might show up next.

Any suggestion, comments and your owe experiences Iwould be so ever grateful.


God bless us all those dealing with cancer and those of us who are caregivers.

Thank you, Ann


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    Most follicular neoplasms are

    Most follicular neoplasms are not cancer, according to the NIH it's somewhere around 80% benign.  Good luck!