Happy Birthday Tex - #70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Happy belated TW.

    Happy belated TW.

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      Happy 71st Birthday, man!!!!! You made it to 71!!!!!! And think of the lives you've touched here in the last couple of years, the spirits you've buoyed, the scared - no, terrified - people you've gently, and logically, brought back to firm ground. The Tex tutorials on every conceivable aspect of this nasty disease should be compiled and issued to each new arrival to the Kidney Cancer Survivors Network!! Before I "met" you I couldn't wade into the churning waters of RCC reality. The word "metastases" made me break into a cold sweat. I left the heavy lifting to my poor husband. Literally, for years!  You helped change all that.  Thank you, Tex. You've given us all so much. And what can we give you? Only our love and respect. All wrapped up with a bow! We are with you. Can you feel us all around you? That's love.

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    Happy Birthday Tex!



    Feel free to force me to add another tier to this cake for the many candles to come!

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    Happy Birthday to one of the

    Happy Birthday to one of the finest cheerleaders and teachers I've ever been privileged to "know".  I'm looking forward to wishing you a Happy 72nd Birthday next year!  Hugs to you.

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    Better late than never

    Happy B-day Tex :-)

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    Galrim said:

    Better late than never

    Happy B-day Tex :-)

    Happy Belated 71st

    Dearest TW,

    May your days be filled with peace and love and know that you mean so much to so many.


    All my best,