How about the Hell with it

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    Screw it

    That kind of post may not get you any answer.  Your anger is understandable, but your solution is not.  Making ANY decision when angry or not centered is always a mistake.  Perhaps there are habits that you do not want to give up, like alcohol or poor diet.  Perhaps you need to consult a doctor for advice.  If you want help, there is plenty available.  If you just want to rant, there is nothing available. 

    love, Rakendra

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    too early to throw in the towel...

    it seems like it's way to early to give up...have the urologists you've consulted with all recommended just doing nothing, proceeding with no treatment whatsoever....seems at you age that would be unlikely. Try not to assume everything will be the worse case....I suppose it could be, but it likely will not be. I got to believe there is some treatment regime that would be better than doing nothing....sometimes it is hard to keep perspective when everything looks bleak. Keep talking to people and hopefully you will find a positive way forward. I hear your depression and it's understandable...cancer is effing depressing, that's for sure. hoping for the best....

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    Other option?

    Look into HIFU. It may be an option for you. Supposedly much less side efffects. Maybe a bit of a gamble as atreatment for high grade. Said to be about 50% effective treating high grade. A more advanced HIFU machine has been in use for a while. Make inquiries before giving up. You need to take the role as your own and strongest advocate.

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    You should study the

    You should study the ostrich.  Great noble bird with a tendency to stick its head in the sand and get its back side blown off.


    This is your life now.  Go out and fight it!


    You are not alone.  I don't think one of us that uses this site liked it.  We all had our emotional  struggles with PC- but in the end, this is where we are.  We deal with it.