port issues...cant walk more than few steps

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I had colon surgery april 4th.. got port put in 3 weeks ago....they took out all the right half of colon and some large bowel...the other day I felt I ad pain under my right side ribcage and everytime I took a breath would hurt in ribcage and my port area up shoulder and into arm...is that part of the healing or wasmit part of my 2nd chemo I just had... also cant walk more than 20 steps without having to stop and rest cuz legs want to give out and get shortness of breath


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    Im new to all this.  Having

    Im new to all this.  Having port installed tomorrow morning.  I would definitely call my onc if I had those symptoms just to be on the safe side.  Let us know.  

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    Call now

    I would definitely call your Oncologist today.  There could be a leak. a movement of the port, anything really. There are tons of side effects with chemo, but pain like that I would look in to. 

    Good luck, and be sure to visit us often. You won't regret it. We are travelling the same road and have allot to offer. 

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    call your doctor

    Those do not sound like expected side effects. I would call my doctor immediately if I experienced those side-effects.

    Good Luck!


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    I agree......

    Call your oncologist immediately.....the side effects seem to be extreme. Let us know what you find out...~Ann

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    port issue

    I gonna call him... bad thing I am out of state for wedding hope maybe I slept wrong on it

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    debi1054 said:

    port issue

    I gonna call him... bad thing I am out of state for wedding hope maybe I slept wrong on it

    I would call your doc,

    and go to the local ER if necessary.  Seriously.  It may be absolutely nothing, but when you're in the middle of tx, and post-surgery, you don't want to take any chances.  A quick visit now may save you a longer hospital stay later.  Let us know how things go~Ann Alexandria

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    Hope you're in the ER by now!

    Sounds like a blood clot to me.  In almost 5 years, I've never heard of a port causing discomfort like you're talking about. 


    Let us know!

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    Agree it's best to get it checked out and you surely don't want a clot so call your oncologist and see if they suggest going in.  Good luck


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    Yup, this is a blood clot.
    Yup, this is a blood clot. Very common in your situation. Better get to the ER.

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    Check it!

    I agree you should get it checked. Good luck with it!



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    Have you been seen in the ER or talked to your Oncologist yet?

    Agree, this could be serious and nothing to play with...Good luck.

  • Port catheter

    Port catheters can flip up into the inomate vein causing severe pain, tips can break off and get into the heart or other vessels, fiborous strands can develop from the tip, blood flow past the tip can cause the tip to form a lesion in the vena cava or inomate vein, infection can develop, several possibilities that may require a die scan, MRI, CT, consult with an anesthesiologist who have extensive experience with subclavian vein inserted port catheter pain. Serious possibilities are to be ruled out by any means. I had to have mine changed due to the tip flipping up into the inomate vein. My surgeon disagreed, but i insisted after a PET scan confirmed it was in the wrong place. My pain had become unbearable after a few weeks. Within 4 days of the replacment I was fine and have been ever since. Do not delay getting referrals from your oncologist.