Radiologist vs Oncologist

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When meeting with the radiologist about my spleen he said that we should at another time do ablation to the spots on my liver and that he can help one with other spots as well.   I have multiple mets.  He cannot touch the lungs as there are too many spots and that I would still need to do chemo but let's take care of what we can.  The onc always feels that since I'm incuurable that chemo is the rote to go because the cancer will keep coming back as it is progressive That there's no point in putting my body through more than it has to go through.   Who do think I should listen to?


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    this will be

    a tough decision for you. i do not know what to suggest other than i would see another radiologist, onc & a surgical onc. i do not know what state you are in, but i would go to a major med center that has a good cancer center. you might get other options to consider. good luck!

    prayers & hugs


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    Heart to heart

    I have no answer for you, Vicklig. All I can do is reach out from my heart to yours with love and support for what you are going through.

    Is that you in the avarar? If so, this is the picture in my head I will view when I send up my daily prayers