60 yo Mom DX with EC

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Hi Ange,
I started a new thread for you. I am sorry for you and your Mom but don't get way ahead of yourself. For now the key is to locate an outstanding gyn-oncologist. Maybe you would like a second opinion before making a decision. Do not worry about time. Right now expertise overrides time.

Where do you live? Many fine women on this board will be able to offer suggestions as to oncologists.

I am 75 yo. I have been on this cancer ship for 6 years. Cancer is a challenge but you and your Mom can do it.
I live in Chicago.

Best, Connie


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    Connie, I love the sound of
    Connie, I love the sound of that six years. Here's to many more.

    Ange, I was so grateful for my daughter's support. She took time off from her job and drove 5 hrs to be with me for my first gyn/onc appt, my surgery and my first chemo session. I told her not to because she works full time and has 2 small children but she did anyway. I am grateful because it helped me so much and I think it helped give my dr and nurses a better picture of me as an individual. So, you are doing so much by just being there for your mom.