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I am still doing fine 8/25/2012. I am now 44 months out from diagnoses 12/15/2008. Had surgery in Toledo Ohio on 1/13/2009 (debulked a 7.5 cm tumor)then gliodel wafers with 30 radiation treatments and temadar now for about 43 months.(5days on 3 weeks off) Doctors all say I am doing great. Last MRI was June of 2012 and still NO signs of regrowth!
Just tire easily, at least 1 or 2 naps a day is a must.I still list myself at about 90%

I am so glad to see many of us still doing good after 3 years from diagnoses and surgery!

Write or call if you have questions. [email protected]

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    My father has a stage four gbm that's inoperable and we are three months into it with our first "after treatment MRI" tomorrow an next session of temador starting next week. Thanks for ur inspiring post. I gives us some hope :)

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    Congrats- may you remain a
    Congrats- may you remain a cancer survivor- nothing better in the world than a good fight and winning :o)