how do i find a chatroom for prostrate cancer?

taarph Member Posts: 18
new at this haw do i finf a prostrate cancer chatroom


  • hopeful and optimistic
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    As far as I know
    there is no chatroom specifically for prostate cancer. At this site there is a chat room that includes all types of cancers, not specific to one type.

    I suggest that if you want close contact, find a support(s) groups in your area that you van attend. One source to find a support group is USTOO.Org that sponsors many support groups.

    Additionally you can post your questions and concerns here.
  • edmund
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    Varoius prostate cancer boards including a chat
    check out this site:
  • lewvino
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    Another forum is found at
    Another forum is found at

    They offer a specific chat about 1 time per week for prostate cancer.