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My Dad , a non- smoker who was diagnosed last summer with stage iv lung cancer with pleural effusion, he has had that drained several times..been through chemo...and now we flew him across the country to be a part of a trial at John Hopkins in Baltimore. He was doing great at first...tumor was even shrinking. Today only THREE weeks later --he was told it has spread to his other lung....breaks my heart to hear him coughing so hard on the phone that he can hardly talk...I just do not understand. He is so tired, does not want to eat, has lost weight...is there hope?


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    Yes, there is hope, sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.
    Mikala, I am sorry for the circumstances that bring you here. You are most welcome to come and express your fears and frustrations anytime, and also to share your experience and step in to give advice or share an opinion. If the docs at Johns Hopkins find that the test he is on will be bad for him, they will move him to another treatment. They will help him qualify for other trials where ever possible.

    Make sure that he is well hydrated it can help with the cough. Hot tea with lots of honey and lemon helped me. Also ask for an Rx for tessalon pearls.

    I do not understand why they have not discussed a VATS talc procedure. It will eliminate problems with shortness of breath and draining fluid. Additionally, the talc prohibits the tumors from spreading into the pleural cavity,

    Fatigue from chemo does not dissipate immediately it takes weeks and weeks and months. Get him doing light stretching in bed. Lift arms,hands, head, legs,feet- move them and stretch them. It will begin to redevelop muscle tissue, strength and agility. Ask the doc also for a Rx for Megace or Marinol to stimulate the appetite. If its that food tastes bland add lots of spices or herbs.

    Please let us know what happens.