radiation scar tissue in rectum

donnyg Member Posts: 2
has any one had treatment to remove scar tissue from the rectum area due to radiation


  • Samsungtech1
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    I had RP tbut when I got done with radiation and recovered it was mentioned. I had to have a biopsy for lung nodules. Got over that and then they decided Ineeded radiotherapy.
    The last thing I want is another doctor cutting on me or more radiation right now. I am getting HT now so not alot more that I want.
    Only when I force things does it bleed badly. I can live with it.

  • caseyh
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    Sucralfate worked for me
    I had lower colon damage after IMRT. A subsequent colonoscopy indicated that it was raw & bleeding. My oncologist, who is also a CaP survivor and had suffered colon damage after his radiation, prescribed Sucralfate, 1 GM Tablets. I believe that I was on them for at least 4 months. I can't say for sure because that was 10 years ago, Three years later I had another colonoscopy, and I asked the doctor to pay special attention to the damaged area. There was no sign of damage or that it had ever existed.