Radiation after total gastrectomy?

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Hi everybody,
I want to know if there's anyone out there that can help me understand and give me advise how to help my boyfriend make the right decision.
He was diagnosed with having signet cell adenocarcinoma in july last year. He had six rounds of chemo, then a total gastrectomy in February. He is still recovering from that ,and has lost a lot of weight. Now the doctors want to do more chemo and also radiation.
I'm not sure if he will make it through that. He was told if he does not do the radiation he may only have a year to live. Please if there is anyone out there that can advise us, I'd be grateful. Thank you and God bless you.


  • Kitaro
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    radiation and chemo
    I don't know what stage you are in but I am a 38 yr old female who has just been through total gastrectomy and am doing chemo and radiation. It is difficult, but the radiation itself will not hurt. The side effects will take their toll on him. He will have nausea and vomiting somewhat, extreme tiredness, and ups and downs. It really depends on what his body has been able to tolerate and how much more it can tolerate. The radiation is necessary to kill any remaining cancer. The chemo itself was not effective enough before my sugery so I had to do both chemo and radiation after.
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    Chemo and Radiation
    My husband has Stage 3A stomach cancer. Two lymph nodes were positive. He is scheduled to have chemo/radiation starting June 25. He did not have any treatment before the removal of 70% of his stomach. The treatment he is having is the Macdonal Regime. Sounds very harsh, but we were told that although the surgeon thinks he got all the cancer, there may still be some spots floating around looking for a home. We would have started the chemo/radiation sooner, but he got a wound infection that just wouldn't heal. Now we are way behind in treatment. Any suggestions from those of you who have gone through the chemo/radiation would be appreciated.