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It has been along time since I have posted on this or any other site. Since losing my husband of almost 40 years I have been dealing with a lot of stuff. I thought the hardest thing I have ever done was take care of him, or watch him deterierate from the cancer and watch him die. BUT the hardest seems to be learning to live without him. Be alone, can't talk to him, miss him, his smell, his touch or his kiss. I miss them all so much and continue to try to get along without him. But it is so hard. I try everyday to make him proud of me but it it very hard to do. Our daughter is due to marry in August and I am trying to do my best to give her the wedding she deserves. He won't be here to walk her down the isle and she has asked me to do it for him. It will take all my power and strength to do this without breaking down. Don't know if I can but I will try.
My only suggestion for anyone who has cancer or is a caregiver of a cancer patient is, make every day count!!! Say what you want to say just in case and make sure the cancer patient gets to do what they want and eat what they want if they are at the end.... Follow your intuition and heart... SLG


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    Hi Slg

    I believe you and my Wife caregiver are pretty much alike; she is always there for me never taking a break for herself. God has truly blessed us with women like you. We will have 38 years in August

    God bless and be with you