My first Valentine's Day without him

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Well, I just spent my first Valentine's Day without my sweet husband... I guess I survived it ok. First thing was to visit my husband's resting place and give him some more flowers since it was a few weeks ago since I was there last.
then I signed off on his car and went to the first Liver Cancer Support Group. Sadly I was the only one there with the social worker and physician assistant which ended up not being such a bad thing. I ended up sharing lot's of information that was helpful to them.
then off to dinner with a friend since she and I don't have Valentine's. We celebrated at one of "OUR" favorite restaurants. He and I always enjoyed going there..
Now I sit alone tonight and reminisce about the good ole days. I do acknowledge that we did make lots of memories but it still hurts that he is gone and will never be here again to hold my hand, or kiss me or call me on the phone and call me "babe".
Happy Valentine's Day Paul.. I love and miss you so much.


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    Holidays remain a little hard for me even though I lost Doug over 2 years ago. My answer this year was to stay busy. I made dinner for on of our church committees that is working overtime plus dinner for me and the family that is currently living with me. That was enchiladas for 12 plus the rest of the food. It just happened to fall on Valentines Day. It helped me get through the day. The gal living with me just left her husband, so I suspect the day was a little hard for her, too. We did talk about what we used to do for Valentines Day. One of my great memories was the year I had the stomach flu. We were both still in college and really short on money, but Doug bought me a box of candy. Then since I couldn't eat it, he proceeded to eat the whole thing in front of me. I never let him live that down. Every year he would present me with flowers and candy. I always asked him if the candy was really for me or was he going to eat it. He never forgot the day or the candy. Hugs, Fay
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    My first Valentines day
    My first Valentines day without hubby in 43 years. (he died Jan 23 of this year). My children gave me flowers and candy, I am so thankful for them. But I miss being loved
    by him...I bought 6 roses, put 5 on his grave, one for each of 4 children, and one
    for me. The sixth one I brought home and put in a vase by my bed. I can pretend that
    he gave it to me. Nothing takes his place, I miss him so.