dad finish his 6th cycle of treatment

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hi all

My dad finish his 6th cycle last 2 week. his next scan will be 1 Feb 2012. he had great respond for this treatment but because he already in stage 4. Doc still remain conservative on his recovery. I did ask should he have some mantainance during this time, doc say its better to take some break to let the body recover. should I be happy for now or start to worry about the future? I scare that the beast will return fast again.


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    Don''t worry
    Be happy.

    The doc never said dad was NED (no evidence of disease) or that he was in remission or anything of the sort, according to what you have provided: he said that dad needed a break from chemotherapy. There is a probability that they are trying to extend dad's life, and a high level of quality in that life, by administering treatment and then giving him these extended breaks not only to recover but to enjoy his life.

    So: don't worry; be happy. Let this be a time to celebrate dad's time here; let this be a time to share his time, share his interests, listen to his stories, enjoy him.

    Best wishes to dad and his family.

    Take care,