Mother Diagnosed

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Mom had a needle biopsy this week and she called today to tell me that she has lung cancer. I asked her what kind and stage but when she got the call from the nurse she did not ask. She is seeing the oncologist on Friday to get the details and I will be going with her. I have been reading about the different types and treatment because I feel I need to be prepared to ask the right questions when I go with mom to the doctor. She is 83 so any kind of treatment will be difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions on what questions I for sure need to ask the doctor?


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    I am so sorry to hear this
    I am so sorry to hear this news, as my mother also has lung cancer. The questions at this time would be to find out what stage and treatment options available for her, taking into consideration age and how healthy she is otherwise. This will not be a fun ride for either of you, but knowing she has you beside her will be much comfort to her. I wish you well. Keep us posted.