anyone have these symptoms: confusion, weakness (falls), tremors

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Long story very short (diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer May 2009), wife had mets to brain and gamma knife in Sept. Now there are cancer cells in cerebral spinal fluid. Had shunt put in a few months ago and has had 2 interthecal chemo injections. She is having some confusion. The first time she became weaker and due to several falls and ended up going to rehab to get strong. After second treatment Tuesday, the rehab sent her back to hospital due to confusion.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I have not been able to get any direct answers. Just possibly the disease, maybe the steroids? treatments?

This is such a crazy roller coaster ride and I really hate roller coasters! We also have a 3 year old so I am balancing a lot.



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    Good morning Coping,My wife
    Good morning Coping,My wife is stage IV nsclc with mets to brain and spine, was dx'd 8/09 and has been through multiple rounds of various chemo's including taxotere and alimpta. Also through 2 rounds of WBR and one STR treatment with 15 radiation treatments to spine. She is currently on a trial involving Crizotinib, however she was taken off (temporarily ?) almost 3 weeks ago due to extreme fatigue and nauseau. Currently she is only receiveing pain meds and Lovanex for leg bloot clots. She is extremely confused and requires a wheelchair, without she is able to stand for only a few minutes under her own accord.
    we were hoping she would become stronger after a a couple of weeks layoff from trial meds, but if anything she is becoming weaker.
    We haven't been able to get any direct answers either, but after almost two years of radiation and chemotherapy I feel that it has just taken a toll on her body and she is worn out from the countless trips to the oncology center and other specialists.

    I hope you are able to turn the corner and see improvement, I know how difficult it is for me as a caregiver, I can't iamagine taking care of a 3 year old as well.
    I'll be thinking good thoughts for you all.

    Stay strong.

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    Praying for your wife
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your wife. My case of head/neck cancer was much milder, and I do not have any advice for you. Sorry.

    I'm reading the lung cancer board because head/neck cancers sometimes spread to the lung.