So frustrated-Cervical cancer

I was just diagnosed with cervical cancer after having a colposcopy and biopsy, This was yesterday, Ive been refered to a Gyno-oncologist(?) but i need a referal by my primary care physician,

I lose my Insurance in 3 weeks and the office where my PCP knows this, I called yesterday to try and get a referal and no one called me back. So after i dropped all the kids off at school i went up to the DR office and talked to the receptionist and was bluntly told that i do not call the shots if i need to speak to my DR and get a referal i will need to make an apointment and they dont have anything until MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was very patient with her and informed her i cant wait until may for an apointment the Gyno they initialy refered me to put me at a stage 2(?) and said i need a radical hysterectomy, i kind of blanked out after that but my paperwork says Agressive squeamous cell carcinoma, The Gyno i talked to yesterday who did my biopsy said the hysterectomy needs to be done basicly yesterday. The gyno that i can go see can actually get me in and get the surgery or other testing done to wiegh my options if i even have any , done before the end of the month but they cant do a single thing without a referal, I am so angry right now, and very frustrated and not to mention scared out of my mind right now,

If i lose my insurance i dont know what to do, I dont even know if i have any options left at this point,


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    This is your life and you
    This is your life and you CAN call the shots-some people use the gyn as their primary care if young and healthy and if they
    are ok withit. Bottom line : time is not on your side-you need the cancer out and a "desk receptionist" should not dictate your care. It will take your dr 2 minutes to write down a name. If he won't ,find out why ,and then find another