Patteee-Sonia32-plh4gail................Still sending warm wishes your way .................

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and special ones for the rest of the week, along with everyone else....These are my special trio of angels that I send out warm fuzzy feelings to in hopes they feel them where ever they are, and where ever they go......I hope each of you are having that special week where you know that someone is thinking of you most every moment. As a weekly tribute to our friends and that we meet and learn about all who are here, we should try this every week just to assure that anyone that needs a special hope or wish or simply a message of thinking about you, has a chance to be a part of this. You just never know when you might just really make someones day with a little personal attention, I got some PMs from individuals that really made me feel loved and really lifted my spirits up.......Love all of

" When Life is Good....share the wealth"


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    Awwww Buzz
    Thank you, never been called an angel before no wait I have by the ex, lets not go there. lol

    Sending warm wishes and hugs back at ya.