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*Please click here to access Frequently Asked Questions about how to use chat.
*Mobile users, please pop out a new window using the icon next to the speaker icon. This is the best way to view chat on a mobile device. PC users, this is also the best way for you to keep chat open while you do other things online.
*Use of the chat feature is subject to the same terms and conditions of site usage that must be followed elsewhere in CSN.
*Please be respectful! Do not advise another person what they should or shouldn't do, think, or feel. Sexual innuendo, crude or rude behavior, verbal abuse, profanity or other offensive behavior is also prohibited.
*CSN may not be used by anyone to recruit members for any reason, no matter how worthy. Likewise, no one may use CSN to promote or sell products or services.

*To view Chat Room Etiquette, please click here.

Report concerns to CSNSupportTeam@cancer.org.

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