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Children after thyroid cancer

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Has anyone gone on to have children after a thyroid cancer diagnoses?
I know it is possible, most of the time. But there is not a lot of info out there and I kind of want to hear from someone who has, please.

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Hi Diane,
When I first had CA, I was pregnant. Had two more children after that. I did not have the RAI before children. RAI put me into early menopause.
Best of luck to you..

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Joined: May 2010

Thanks. I'm a little fearful that this cancer might be here long term, from what I hear that happens. And if it is then it is my understanding that one should not become pregnant when the cancer is still present.
And I'm also fearful that the changes of pregnancies might cause the cancer to reoccur, I've heard a lot about that.
I'm not planning on becoming a mother right now but would like to know what to expect.

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My husband and I were trying to get pregnant before my diagnosis on Jan 14. I will be going through RAI in the beginning of march. I met with the Radiologist today and asked him the same question. He said that sometimes thyroid cancer can go to the ovaries so that is a possibility. However, typically you can try to get pregnant 6 months after treatment.

Hope that helps!


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