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PET scan and CEA

Chen Yimi
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My wife had PET scan yesterday. A bright spot was found on her right chest. Its brightness has higher scale from 2.2 (3 months ago) to 2.7.

In the same period, her cea increased from 1.5 to 3.3.
She gained over 20 lbs in the past year. Her weight increased about 3 lbs in the last 3 months.

Any indication from the above data? Many thanks

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Hi there. Sorry I can't help you, I don't have any info to help you with.
When is your meeting with your wife's onc? Has she been on chemo?
Winter Marie

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If you are talking about MM or CM size in the difference of diameter in the time span of her scans? Also the CEA sometimes can not be counted on as a consistant marker ..It was for me however, but everyone is different...My Lung growth was 1.4 cm before my CEA detected it as in an elevation in number.....it went from 1.4 to a 9.7 then after rechecking it was a 10.4 so it did detect it, but only after it was 1.4 cm...It was a met from rectal cancer but had not had any nodes involved and after surgery had all clear margins....I hadn't had a scan in 2 years which was a mistake I won't allow to happen again...The issue with it being brighter is a concern, it could be scar tissue if she has ever had surgery there before, or could be an encapsulated infection, but abnormal cells (cancer cells) are very aggressive in succrose intake more than normal cells which allows them to show up brighter on a scan...remember though , this is only an opinion from a layman, I do hope that an answer is found and its one that shows nothing to worry about, there is one good thing about this matter. It being on the right side is better than on the left. You have 3 lobes on the right and only 2 lobes on the left, surgeons would much rather see the right side through surgery than the left. The left side also helps protect the heart muscle being it is tucked in behind there... I will keep both of you in prayer......Buzz

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This is something you will be needing to discuss with the doctors. Have you been able to see the conclusions of the written report? The language they use is often very vague -- may say something like "possible metastasis" "indicative of...."

I sure hope it is NOT a metastasis -- but something else, benign. But i guess you need to be open to that possibility....

I have solitary lung mets three times - all 3 times removed by surgery. It sounds very scary because it is LUNG -- but not really so bad. (except psychologically).

The increase in CEA is also worth noting -- although those numbers are still pretty good

Are you concerned about weight gain! I am about 10 lbs overweight at the moment -- which my doctor loves! Gives some "comfort zone" in case of any problems -- like acute diarrhea or acute nausea.

My fingers are crossed that this is all a false alarm. Best wishes to you both


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