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What do you guys think about abdominal CT scans after treatment?

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I had one last year prior to surgery but from what I read these abdominal CT scans give the equivalent radiation of 500 chest x-rays in one scan or 3.3 years of natural radiation exposure.

Having said that, last week I had a drop of brown blood in my urine and then the next time I urinated a drop of red blood and then the next urination I past what I thought was a “stone”…That was exactly a week ago and I have had no other “blood” in my urine…Ok my urologist wants to take an abdominal CT Scan and do a Cysto to me on the 19th…

Do you think this is an overkill to what happened to me?

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I read your post,I had kidney cancer 3 months ago,kidney was removed. I'm 50 and have led a very healthy lifestyle the last 20years,organic foods,lots of veggies and fruit and exercise. I ride a bike 100miles a week for the last 20years. How did I get cancer? I believe it's because the first 30years of my life I was around second hand smoke,at home and in the work place. And my diet was not good. So I'm paying for the past. I'm very holistic and like you have concerns about CT scans. As many articles written about how safe CT scans are there are just as many that say they are unsafe. I'm suppose to get scans every 3 months. My thing is I don't want to get cancer by finding out if I have cancer. I also read the same thing about ct scans radiation being high,but that is full body scans. And how accurate is that info? But I don't want my abdominal section cooked either. So I'm also concerned. I will be doing some more research on line. But it is nice to find someone that is worried about the same thing I'm worried about. I posted a blog about my concern and the 2 people that responded said get the scans. I also checked on line and the blogs have said that ct scans may put you at risk for getting cancer in extreme cases - who knows? We need to do further research.

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Hi Hilton and Adam
Too many CT scans are no good to anyone and we can live without them. We can substitute this unfriendly machine with eMRIs in most of the cases requiring an image study.
MRI machines have better contrast resolution and it does not expose the user to radiation. They are better for cases of prostate cancer where so many testes are required for follow-ups.

Hilton you do not need to worry about the cystoscopy. My doctor have done three of them already to check the inner lining of the bladder (I saw in the screen a beautiful pink wall with striking veins and ureter opening). They are done with local anesthesia through the urethra. Look for the thinner ones as they are less prone to cause a scar.

Good luck on the 19th.

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My radiologist doesn't think it's that big a deal but of course they are not doing them frequently. I agree with Vasco that a MRI may have some advantages. While we all want to reduce radiation exposure in general, I think you have to weigh the risk vs. reward and make a decision. In any event, my radiologist told me that potential damage from too many CT scans is like a 20-30 year event and the overall risk is considered very low.

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thanks for everyones input...The jury is still out but my Uro says I have having one if I like it or not :-(...Thanks again

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Found the post....so the radiation is not from a rising PSA great news...and now I understand the other post that indicated all is well...no cancer and such....Hope all is well in other aspects of your life. I passed a stone in college and I wanted to literally jump out a second, third or 4th story window the pain was still to this day the worst ever experienced. That experience made me very frightful of the cath we all experienced after robotic...which was a piece of cake compared to passing a stone.



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