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Onc Visit and Scan Results for Sundance

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Lovekitties had asked about my onc visit the other day – I’m up a little today, so thought I would update you all with this post.

It’s “official” – the mass in the LEFT lung is gone now. I saw the scan itself and read the report and went over it with the onc, as well. We’ll be watching it of course, but this was a bit of good news in an otherwise lengthy battle.

We’re starting the 2nd half of the battle this Wednesday 8th – I go back to Folfiri and the 5fu pump 46 hours and with a Neulasta shot, as my counts have been bouncing with treatments. The radiation really whacked the WBC’s big time over this past 6 weeks.

So, 2 treatments this month of December and then 8 more into late April or May 2011 and then hopefully we can pull up and look at where we are at. Scans will follow in about 3 months – we’ll look at the radiated area as well as chest, abdomen, and pelvis scans.

The scan result did say there was a 1.1 cm mass in the right lung, we just radiated. But, I remember my onc saying it was probably nothing to worry about, because we just dropped the “nukes” off in my lung and destroyed another 10% lung capacity – how could there still be something he speculated? Could be scar tissue or inflammation – follow up scans will tell us.

So, the battle is and will remain in the original right lung. So far, I’ve had 2 lung surgeries in 9 months – had 2 ribs cut out – chest wall scraped for residual cancer cells – 2 rounds of Folfiri – 6 weeks of radiation and 24/7 5fu – and now back to Folfiri. I’m a little tired.

We agree to continue the protocol and take as many Folfiri treatments as I can take. We’ve got Cancer’s attention again – and we must move forward while we have It on the run.

It’s still to early to call it as this point – I’m hopeful that at the end of this segment of the fight, that we see no evidence of anything and that I’m back in the “watch and wait” mode. In that scenario, we could call it a DRAW – and I’ll gladly take that from this campaign.

We talked about a couple of other deep and serious items, but I think I will “table” those discussions until the new year – they will keep until then.

Christmas 2010 will mark the 3-year anniversary of my liver RFA, where all of my medical team told me that I would not see another Christmas back in 2007 – I believe they termed it “Highly Unlikely.” So, this is a nice milestone and was glad to prove all of them wrong in their assessment. I’m stubborn like that.

I’m grateful that the left side “dried up” and we don’t have to wage war on that front – I’ve got my hands full with what I’ve got going. I do have optimism and hope again – I was sorely in need of that and needed something to hang my hat on, so I could fight on.

Take care everyone!


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I am so glad the left lung news was confirmed. Now, you just need to get that damned right lung fully compliant! You have shown cancer who is boss before + you are doing it again. You are firmly in my thoughts. Take good care my friend!

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I will keep this short, things sound like they are turning around for you. That is good news. I will be keeping you in my prayers bud.


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Hi Craig, You don't realize what an inspiration you are to me. I see my scans on Wed. and it will determine if I can stay on this clinical trial. I have felt crappy for a few weeks, frighteningly much like I did when I was firs dx., but am hoping and praying it is my over active imagination! You are doing great and just keep going. Thanks you for sharing you story. Jean

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I'm so happy for you. Holding you in the Light for continued healing and strength.

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Craig, it sounds like things are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good fight. You have helped a lot of people here and I know you will continue to do so for many years to come.

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I am sending my biggest, warmest hugs!!!

I know you must be weary...I wish I could lift that from you!!!

Know that you are in my thoughts and my heart....always!!!

hugs, kathi

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Glad that you got confirmation that the mass in the left lung is now gone. Put one in the win column for Craig!

I can imagine you are more than 'a little tired'. You continue to show more strength than many of us could muster under the same circumstances. I am sure that I speak for many here that we wish we could send you some of ours to help boost you up.

You just keep on proving those doctors wrong in their less than optomistic predictions. You have and will continue to make medical history in beating this back into submission.

I know it is hard for you to get on here much while weathering the treatments, but hope that you can pop in for a 'howdy' once in a while.

There are many more Christmases in your future.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad that you had some success with the lung. Here's to a wonderful holiday season and to letting the worries go until after the first of the year.!!

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My dear Craig,

I'm so glad to hear the news about your left lung! We will take that victory and do a tiny little dance, not quite naked, not quite happy, but at least thinking about it.

You do worry me with the comment about other "deep and serious problems." If there's something you need to discuss and don't want to bring it to the whole forum, I can take it. You're welcome to pm me. I promise not to cry and to be as brave as can be for you. And I hope I would be able to offer some good thoughts to you.

Love you, my friend!


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Sure glad to hear the good news at this stage, and I'll keep riding with you as you keep on going into 2011. Big hugs to you, and Kim, and the Harley.

all the best, Leslie

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@Craig: yay!! I never thought I would say this to anyone, but I will: I like that you are so stubborn! :) Keep it up! You should actually go and face the doctor who told you that you won't make the next Christmas back in 2007 and ask him to write down to date and then stare at it and say "OOOoops! My bad! I totally forgot to die!" :) Good luck to you, and continue fighting! :)

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This sounds like such awesome news and you seem to be doing fairly well despite all that you have been through. If you get tired and worn out it is totally expected so don't try to push that too much and you don't want to over do. It just sounds like you are doing so good and I'm so glad. You have had your battles, but you, my friend, are a great warrior and we can see that you are marching on. Continue to heal and get your strength back. Hope your forthcoming treatments treat you well.


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Congrat's on the left lung news. I so hope you go through each of your chemo rounds nice and smooth so you can get to that watch and wait place. You're due some rest!


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This sounds good. Keep that hope and optimism.
Here's to many a Christmas.

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You know how I feel about you, my friend. I like the mass in the left lung being gone, hurray. Now you've done worried me about the left said undone until after the New Year.
But, okay, we'll carry on from here with the good news so far!!!
WE've got our Christmas's coming up, we weren't supposed to see them, this fills me with joy on both our parts.
Thinking of you, and a prayer or two your way my friend.
Winter Marie

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your fighting spirt and outlook. Your story and utcome serves as such a template for others in the fight. It amazes me how strong we can be when it is time to fight. Our soul is what makes us special and Craig you have such a blessed soul.

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{{{ HUGS}}} Craig. We all love you and are here for you.

Enjoy the season, and if you ever see that first doctor again flip him off:)


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Way to NED!

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thank you for sharing your wonderful news. I cannot tell you how pleased this makes me. Now, enjoy the holiday and keep on, keepin on. Love ya, man.

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Keeping you in my thoughts and so happy the news is getting better!! I think your angel, Donna may have something to do with this!!



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Just wanted to clear up a sentence when I said, "table the discussion for next year..."

Me and the onc were talking about cancer topics I had on my mind - it's the holidays now and I thought the serious stuff could just wait until the calendar rolled over...

So, nothing deep and serious about me in particular - I don't want you worrying needlessly about me - I'm groovy:)

So, thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Time for some cheer and glad tidings...


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well done big guy.....keep going....

here come those big cold snowy Canuck hugs

maggie may

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Thanks for the clarification, Craig!

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Thank you for your updates. You are truly a hero here. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you. - Lucy

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Okay, I feel better now! Maybe a little dancing is in order!


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Thanks for the clarification, we can all happy dance now.
Winter Marie

Fight for my love
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This is the news that I am looking forward to,I got it and I love it.Thanks.Take care and best luck with the rest of the chemo.

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Good to hear from you, Craig! And I'm glad to see that things are moving in the right direction for you! As always, your optimism is infectious and I love reading your posts. As far as the Folfiri, I'm on that now and it's a doozy, but I'm trying to focus on the positive in hopes that someday soon, I will be in remission and can come off of it. Or at least push back to every 3 weeks. Anyway, you take care, my friend!


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Hey Craig! I'm so glad to hear the good news about the left lung & I pray that what is showing in the right is just scar tissue or inflammation, as you said. For now- wow- so exciting!! Those doctors should know by now to not give a prognosis to their patients declaring that they won't make it- you and so many others have proven that it was WRONG!!
Love it!!

Keep on going and enjoy Christmas and the whole season. :)


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I am so happy to hear your great news! You deserve it!!! I wish you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to hearing more good news from you.


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Isn't it great to show the experts they are wrong? Keep up the fight kick cancers ***! Lou

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