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1 year anniversary

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Tomorrow, Oct 19, is my one year anniversary of DaVinci surgery. All four of my PSA tests this past year (including the most recent one a couple weeks ago) have come back zero. Incontinence was a non-issue almost from day one. ED has been a problem, but has improved (slowly) over time (still not there yet though). I'll be on a 6 month checkup schedule next year based on my progress to date.

My PC was caught early and all contained within the prostate.

I'm very grateful for a good surgeon, to God, and to all those who prayed on my behalf.

If you're just starting the journey, take heart, it should work out just fine.


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Serious congrats. A result wished by all of us...Great news for you and your loved ones. Congrats...

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Congrats on your milestone!


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Congratulation on your 1 year milestone and I know that keeping God first and he will give you strength for your journey

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Yes he will, all the time. Best wishes on your own recovery.

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Congrats !

I am looking forward to good news in early Dec as well(my first anniv with PC, and on the same date, my 12th anniv of lung cancer).
Thanks for sharing the good news.


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Fellow survivor - I'm sure you'll have the same report in December.

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That is indeed a great milestone. Congratulations!! Best wishes for continued clear PSAs!!

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It's always refreshing to hear of success stories. Congratulations and continued success in the future----Dan

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Congratulations mate,

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Congrats on your success, you are a member of the Zero club. May you keep your status.
Praise God for outcome.
I had radical prostatectomy March 09 and still in the Zero club (PSA 0.008).

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