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esophageal dilation scheduled

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Hello friends.

On Nov 3rd Dr G will try and open up the old esophagus. It is considered surgery so I'll be checking into Kaiser Hospital in Oakland (where they did the neck dissection back in January). He said during his assessment that after the procedure he's hopeful I'll be able to "have the coffee, but probably not the steak."

I'll keep you posted.



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Good Luck to you tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

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Glad you are scheduled. I hope this helps you. You know I know first hand what it's like not to swallow. I'm hoping they can get you so you can do some eating. They may have to do it a couple times because they don't want to injure you or tear anything.

All I can tell you is hang in there. I have really had major improvement these last few weeks. I even had some spaghetti and meatballs today. Even after my second strecharoo in January didn't allow me to swallow normally, I never thought I'd be able to eat what I am eating now. I can finally say, I can live like this. I was so miserable.

Have hope! I didn't think I'd ever get rid of that tube. :)

Good thoughts always coming your way,


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.... & hope it goes better than expected. Looking FWD to some good news.


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Good Luck Mick My prayers and thoughts are with you! Big Hugs!


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I am thinking good things are heading your way. Just wish it didn't take another month to get here. I would bet you are ready NOW. I have had a couple of these procedures, too. We both know you are going to do great.

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Glenna M
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Hope all goes well for you on the 3rd and you will be enjoying a cup of coffee soon after!! Also hoping you will be well enough to enjoy a few things by Thanksgiving, potato and gravy and squash are my favorites!! I could easily be a vegetarian ;-)

Wishing you the best now and especially November 3rd.

Stay well and stay strong.

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Mick, I'm really hoping this goes well and will send thoughts, prayers and positive vibes your way. I have a new friend that will be having the same procedure soon. I hope to pass along an excellent report to him...

Best to all,

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Here's to the doc stretching that sucker wide open!

Positive thoughts Dude!!


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Best Wishes and Prayers that things work out. Hopefully things will be better after. Again more Prayers

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I'm hoping they get in there and have way more success than they expect.

I think your esophagus is just waiting for a little push.

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Hi Mick,

Sending positive thoughts your way man, and prayers. We don't talk a whole lot any more and I am sorry for that. Totally my fault. I think everything is going to to work out good for you. Here's hoping for complete free flow.

All the best,

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D Lewis
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Here's hoping for BOTH the coffee and the steak! Holding good thoughts for you. I wish it was sooner than November 3rd. I'm thinking you are ready for this NOW.


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