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Anticancer / Dr. Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD 1 hr. video

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Incredible lecture given by Servan-Schreiber at UCSF. Discusses the studies and perspectives of why oncologists say what they say, dismissively, about diet and exercise. His arguments backed by science. A must-see!

Natural Defenses in Preventing and Treating Cancer - UCtelevision

(28:20 in) “…For the last 40 years, all of oncology has been focused on destroying cancer cells….We spent between 150 and 200 billion dollars on cancer research in the last 40 years and we’ve improved the median survival of metastatic cancer, which is really the only one that kills you, by 3 months….So maybe we’re not pursuing quite the right roadmap. And what [I and others are] saying…is that yes it’s great to kill cancer cells but obviously it doesn’t seem to be enough. It is important, at the same time, to strengthen the body’s ability to resist cancer by creating an inhospitable terrain to cancer growth. And you can do both at the same time. This is not about alternative medicine.”

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It was long but every minute worth to watch. Thanks

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I had to smile about the Vitamin D part of the lecture, as my gyne-onc always says "Love that sun tan!" which I interpreted as his pleasure at this evidence that I am living my life with gusto this beautiful summer, but may be more clinical in appreciation after all! This video confirms my need to be more faithful about getting exercise more routinely (hard to get in an hour of exercise 5 days a week when you have chemo every Monday & Nuepogen every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday and a full-time job!) I will make that a greater priority.

But I am happy that the studies he cites say stress does not CAUSE cancer as I'd hate to think I caused my own cancer by starting my own business. And I like the scientific basis for the belief that the social supports of family and friends really do improve overall survival and that simply maintaining HOPE and some feeling on CONTROL can improve your chances for survival. So maybe it's not drinking green tea that makes the difference, as much as BELIEVING that it can, that keeps the HOPE alive and improves your chance for survival?? I will stay on the anti-cancer diet (although a slice of cheesecake or square or tiramiso once a month I will NOT give up!!!) Regardless, this doctor makes it clear that it's worth never losing hope and to continue doing the little (or big!) things that you believe will slow or halt your cancer growth. Fight on, ladies!

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Yes, isn’t it a great talk!?

I wanted to share my thoughts on what he said about stress, foods, etc.

(46:25) He cited a “prospective”/observational study about stress and Finnish women (because it’s so hard to find American women with no stress, he said wryly). But this is not an “in vivo” (in the body) study because it is unethical to perform such studies on humans. He did however go on to talk about an animal study where shock and control were the variables. Sadly, it was true that the rats experiencing NO CONTROL over the shock treatments (result: helplessness, powerlessness, despair) had an increased rate of cancer. LACK OF CONTROL is not STRESS per se, apparently; it’s an addition to stress. This is why doctors will tell you “stress” is not associated with an increased risk. Support, if it affects the element of “lack of control,” can mitigate the negative outcome.

In this talk, he did not go into specific foods but mentioned the benefit of anticancer phytochemicals (in foods) with exercise (30 mins/day), support (just one good friend), Vit D (60ng/ml for cancer patients), etc. as cancer fighters. He mentioned that using these non-medicinal fighters all together is where the power lies.

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I've not reviewed the link as my speakers are broke, but have read many tidbits. I love everything about Anti Cancer and the author. Seems like many of us on this sight have received great results from many tests, possibly by following his guidance.

I attended a speaker series from a research doctor at Washington University, St Louis, MO. She has done research for many years on many aspects of cancer and her most recent being exercise and cancer. Short and sweet -- exercise 30 minutes per day to ward off cancer and/or if dealing with cancer diagnosis and beyond. Research shows most types of cancer allowed, not having to be real "intense" such as fast walking or running. If you can't do much with even gentle walking, do yoga. Weights weren't entered in the research but we all know any type of weight-bearing exercises help with osteo and bone density.

If we can't do 30 minutes of exercise per day, try to total up to 3 hours within a week. I've read and a few others as well, cancer can't survive in "oxygenated environments" which is why deep breathing during a good run or fast walk is what we need. The doctor hadn't found any reasearch in this area yet. Interesting....anyone here read about this same subject matter or am I loosing my mind?

Even when I was in my teens I realized how important the foods were we put in our mouths and that we exercised. Today dealing with a cancer diagnosis and beyond, I've come to realize OUR BODIES CAN HEAL, IF WE ALLOW IT. Seems like Dr. David Servan-Schreiber is right on the money!!!!


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I thought I’d heard that, too. I did a little research and found out it is the Warburg hypothesis by Dr. Otto Warburg (1924) which never took hold in scientific circles. Apparently, in recent years it has regained attention.

Just so you know, there is a new (2010) book out called, Exercise and Cancer Survivorship: Impact on Health Outcomes and Quality of Life -- by Saxton & Delay, 2010 (pg. 108) Thought this was an interesting part of the book from Google books on physical activity (PA) and cancer.

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Such a wonderful video. Thanks for posting this. I am definitely going to pick up his book and learn more about the anti cancer diet.


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Thank you so much for sharing this link! My mom is not much of a reader so it has been taking her a long while to get through the anti-cancer book I bought her. She is a big believer in changing her diet and lifestyle to help her get through her UPSC stage 4 diagnosis and so far it has really helped her. When she was diagnosed, she weighed 240 pounds and ate beef practically every day. Since her diagnosis and since reading portions of the anti-cancer book, she has cut out beef completely, stopped frying her tortillas (we are Mexican :)), tossed out all oils except olive and canola, cut out sugar, added tons of veggies, fruits, green tea, turmeric, and ginger - we also bought The Cancer Fighting Kitchen and started making those recipies as well. Her doctors are amazed at how well she was able to handle the chemo and how quickly her numbers came down. She had visible disease in some lymph nodes which have all disappeared. The fact that she also lost 40 pounds (the healthy way) was just an added bonus. Even though my mother is the one with cancer, the feeling of helplessness was felt across our family. Since we are all on board with this new lifestyle, I truly do see how feeling as though we have at lease SOME control has really helped us get through this all together.

Thanks again for posting!!


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What a great story! Thanks for sharing. Tell your mom she *ROCKS* and it's so inspiring how your family has made changes, too. You guys *GO!*

Not sure if you've seen the post on Exercise & Cancer but adding exercise can help raise survival stats, too. If you guys can just start with a little bit of walking, even walking down the street a house or two and increasing a half a house length every few days can really help. Or just start at whatever mom is capable of even walks within the house and increasing in little increments. Might be something to consider.

I'm glad you mentioned your mom was not much of a reader. I think I will post a page of video links I've found helpful that might help educate or reinforce the anticancer tools we can use. Audio/visual is sometimes better and less time-consuming than reading.

Thanks again for sharing!

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Amanda....Your post was just awesome! Your Mom is so fortunate to have you as a daughter and as an advocate for her on this journey! She deserves lots of kudos for all of the positive steps she has taken to remain cancer free. THAT IS HUGE!!

You are sooo right....there are many things we can do which gives us a sense of some control over this beast! The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is a good book and with some very tastey recipes!

Keep up the good work.....Dance, be happy, and enjoy life!!


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You know after reading your heart-warming story, I've realized WE CAN CHANGE IF WE WANT TO... So many people are told they must do this or that to enjoy life and bring back their health, but oh well they continue on the unhealthy path and wonder why they are struggling with their health.

This is an amazing story that I wish people could read and realize IT CAN HAPPEN TO ME. We just need to be disciplined to follow a good path back to better health. Not easy but doable as we're just reading about you mom Amanda.

Such an inspiration....give your mom a ((( hug ))) from me....

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