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It is gone

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In March I was diagonosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the hypopharyrnx. Looking up that cancer online the only thing I could find was prognosis was dismal. Never believe what you read. I went through 35 radiation treatments and 3 cistiplatin treatments. Today the doctor shoved that lovely device down my nose and said that is where it used to be. I didn’t even see scar tissue. I still have problems with thrush, a feeding tube, and swallowing is not a lot of fun. However, at 7 weeks the tumor is no longer there. I truly do not think I would of survived without this website.

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Pam M
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Glad to hear you're clear. Thanks for sharing, you know how good it makes the rest of us feel to hear someone else is doing well. Keep it up.

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Glad to hear it Judy! I celebrate the news with you. Keep doing what you're doing.

best to you and all, Hal

Kent Cass
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Oh yeah- most excellent.


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Happy to hear you are cancer free. I too am a hypophyrangeal (piriform sinus) survivor. We beat the odds given on the internet but I was determined to do just that. My RO video tapes the scopes and is really pleased to point out where the tumor once was and how it's all gone. Seven weeks post-treatment is still very fresh; things will get better and better for you. Nice going and the best of health to you, Rich

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I don't think there are many of us out there. Mine was closer to the esophagus - so they couldn't cut it out. Yes, the scope was recorded. The RO was very pleased with himself, he played it twice.

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Awesome Judy, and it WILL get better and better. The body wants to heal, help it.


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Always great to get good news. Just keep up with the meds for the side effects ans things can only get better from here out. Again congrats

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Glenna M
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I just read this post this morning as I was having my coffee. I love reading such good news first thing in the morning as it starts my day off right!!

Keep up the good work - Glenna

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Congratulation's on your good new's!

Dan Garrett
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I was diagnosed in November 2009 with unknown primary squamous cell carcinoma. Started Chemo in December 2009 (5 treatments of Cisplatin 3 treatments of Docetaxel and Floruracil and 35 treatments of radiation. Completed all treatments April 9, 2010. CAT Scan in June showed tumor completely gone and PET scan July 6, shows no Cancer cells. I am scheduled for follow up CAT scans over the next few months but outlook is good. Saliva glands shot, some hearing loss and still having difficulty swallowing with taste buds slowly coming back. Still have PEG until I can prove to my Doctor that I can maintain and gain my weight back. Lost 50 pounds during treatments which even though I needed to lose weight I would not recommend this diet. So considering where I was last November and where I am today I count my blessings.

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Hi Dan we have he same Dx ad the same time-line. My Dx happened over Nov - Dec last year and treatment started Jan 15 with surgery and the on Feb 17 chemo and rads (35 and 3x cisplatin). I still have my tube and swallowing is not there yet. Everything else is grand.



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that is great news Judy! congrats to you!

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I love to hear this kind of news, take care

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Judy, Your good news is good news for all of us. Thank you so much for posting your awesome results. Celebrate and continue to heal.
All my Best,

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