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More CA125 Test News

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So my sister's CA125 went from 15 two months in a row to 38.4........the Doctor order a CT scan that didn't show anything, but he was still concerned that something was lurking since she has already had 2 reoccurrences. He really prefers a PET scan, but her insurance considers it unnecessary!!!!

So, he did another CA125 test and it came back 13 – two different labs! So, now we’ve decided in the future to re-test before panicking! Shesh – like there isn’t enough to worry about without test being wrong……


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CA 125 is interesting but I just don't think it diagnoses everything the way it should. You have to look for trends and repeating it is necessary. It doesn't work for everyone. I also think we hang on to that number like we're hanging by our fingernails over a cliff. It also creates stress for us! For me it did catch an early relapse. I still dread that number though!


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Diane - it was the same for my sister. Her CA125 doubled each time before her 2 reoccurrences - that is why it going from 15 to 38 was such a concern for us and her Doctor........so in her case, it increasing is usually a positive indicator of a reoccurrence. Now we know to take a deep breath and wait for a second test!!!

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