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new patient needs advice

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Joined: Jul 2010

After a routine physical exam in South Carolina turned up loss of kidney function, I was diagnosed with Gleason 9 prostate cancer with some bladder infiltration during TURP surgery in Dec. 2009. I am 60 years old and my PSA had been 1.4 and holding the last four years or so. CT, bone and Prostascent scans show no bone or lymph node invasion. I had kidney stents inserted in December to help my kidneys drain. In March through May, 2010, I had 39 radiation treatments at Johns Hopkins (highly recommend their Multi Disciplinary Prostate Cancer Team approach). PSA is now <0.1. I had a Vantas (histrelin) implant in February to start hormone therapy which I will be on for 2 1/2 years. Both kideny stents were replaced in June. I am now in recovery mode and will return to Hopkins every six months for a DRE and PSA check. Stents should be removed in November.

I need advice on what to expect during recovery and what side effects will "stick to the ribs." Right now I am experiencing 1) hot flashes from the histrelin about 10 times per day/night, 2) some shortness of breath after moderate activity, 3) back soreness, probably from the kidney stents, 4) bad joint/muscle pain, particularly in the arms and legs.

Is it safe to work out at the gym? Should I push my body or opt more to rest?

Everything else (appetite, digestive system, etc.) is ok.

Would like to hear about others' experiences after radiation and hormone therapies.

griff 1
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just wanted to say hi, i had my prostate out so i cant tell ya about radiation or hormone stuff. someone will post to help ya. good people on here and good luck to you cjw. griff

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many thanks griff. there is so much i do not know, especially as it concerns the side effects and recovery time of radiation treatments and hormone therapy. whereas the hot flashes are expected, is there any relief available? is joint/muscle pain helped/worsened by gym work? are there OTC medicines available that have worked with others? does the shortness of breath go away over time? is aerobic training a good idea to improve stamina? are there any advantages/disadvantages to the different hormone therapies? etc. etc.

this looks to be a very good forum to find some answers from those who have been down this road before.


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Welcome to the reluctant club I had surgery 19 weeks ago…Sounds like you had excellent treatments…I do NOT have your challenges to date but there are many here that can relate to you and I am sure will reach out… The one thing I would suggest to you would be to get with a nutritionist while you are on hormones and healing from the radiation treatments… I am a big believer in diet and exercise… On a side note I love South Carolina and have spent my summers down here is Low Country at Pawley’s Island for many years now….In fact I limited out on Yellowtail Snapper (off the beach!) this Sunday

The best to you in your journey …

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