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Another tool to fight The Beast

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I will be starting treatment with CyberKnife in a few weeks. During my reseatch on PCa, I was fortunate enough to find this video by Dr. Dean Ornish giving a speech at M.D. Andersen that I feel would benifit anyone that wants to beat this disease. Its quite lengthy (1 hr & 12 minutes) but I found it so worthwhile that I have bookmarked it and will view it quite often in my fight with The Beast. Here is the URL:


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Best wishes for a successful and hassle free procedure. Keep us posted.

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Good luck w/your CK treatment from me too!

As far as I know, you, Kongo and I are the only ones here who have or will be undergoing CK for treatment and it will be useful to us and others to hear how we are each doing following treatment.

BTW, I took a look at the video that you referred us to. I agree that it's wise to eat well and exercise to improve your health, which is something I already do, but I don't think there are any studies that can "prove" that doing so can actually prevent, suppress or eliminate cancer. Just my 2 cents on that topic.

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