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A note from Brooks

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Hey Everybody, I’m back!! First of all I want to thank everybody for the prayers and for wishing me a fast recovery. I got home for my hospital stay yesterday early evening and was so tired I couldn’t even write this quick note. As most of you know I’ve been having a hard time with my iliostomy reversal that was on April 9th. It’s truly been a rollercoaster ride with ether going too much or not going enough. LOL Well I started getting BAD gas pain Monday night that would hit me with the worse pain for 5 to 10 seconds then go away for a minute or two only to hit me again. This went on all of Monday night into Tuesday, then all day Tuesday. My wife got home that day after work and for 3 hours (5-8pm) I was trying to tell her that I’ll be okay until she put her foot down and threatened to beat me up if I don’t go to the hospital. As it turned out, I had a partial blockage where my iliostomy was and soon I was admitted. I was NPO for 48hrs then on clears on the last 24 hours of my hospital stay. Thank GOD no N.G. Tube!!! They wanted to see if it would get better in it’s own (Thanks to my team on this board) it DID!!!

I’m a true believer that without you guys sending me your prayers and well wishes that I’d still be in that darn hospital!!

Thanks again

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Glad to see you back Brooks. Things WILL get better. Sometimes it just doesn''t happen as fast as we would like it to.Hang fast, hang loose, hang in there.


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Glad to hear it and glad to have you back, Brooks! I am a believer in prayer as I have been on the receiving end of it quite often and am still here! :) I hope your recovery continues with no more side trips to the hospital!

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brooks big hugs

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Glad you're home Brooks. I've experienced a similar kind of cramping pain a few times from my surgery, but luckily it's been temporary. I got my iliostomy right after yours was taken down. I hope that when it's my turn for reversal, I don't remember your story. I'm already nervous. I don't think your problems are coming from Leaky wanting revenge as you mentioned in another post. I bet Leaky is thrilled to be home. I know Stewie is. By the way, my new stoma, Mr. Dribbles is doing just fine.
Take Care Roger

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I Love it!!!

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Wonderful that you are home!!!! There is something to be said about pushy wives. :) Hope everything continues to work well.
Good to have you back!


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you are home! Take care - and take one day at a time! Uphill from here for you Brooks. Will continue praying for you each day - and for your family. Blessings to you today and always.

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that you are home. Hope you continue to feel improvement every single day! Take care.

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Hi Brooks,

I am glad you are at home recovering. I hope you are feeling 100% very soon!

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Glad to have you back buddy. So sorry you are experiencing this and hoping that they did something for you that you won't be having this trouble again. Had my reversal in November and it is a struggle. Glad you are home from the hospital. You will get back to better soon now that you are home :)


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so good to see you back. Continued wishes for healing.

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Glad your doin' better bud..........Buzz

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I'm glad you are home,I hope you are up and around in no time,some things just take time.Get better soon.

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It sounds like you had a really rough time. As a caregiver, I am often conflicted on taking action when my husband wants to wait for "things to get better". I've now learned it's better to err on the side of caution. Sounds like your wife did just the right thing.

My prayer for you will be for a speedy recovery from your reversal with no more blockages!

Hugs and Healing,

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So glad that you're home and feeling better!

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Hi Brooks,

I'm glad you're home again and through all the awful pain of the blockage. Lesson learned-listen to your wife- lol! :O)

I won't be seeing you on Facebook anymore (i've deactivated my acct there, at least for awhile- need a break). Keep in touch!

Hope you have a really good week- we've got beautiful weather!


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oh that's such good news Brooks....yehhhh and welcome home


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and get your show on the road, you still got some packin' to do, dontcha? Hope you're feeling better and relieved to be home.....steve

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So happy you are home. Now what would you guys do without your wives/caregivers kicking your butts once in a while. Oh well, lesson learned, listen to your wife!

Hugs- Tina

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