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Father diagnosed with SCLC

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Hello, my name is Jen. My dad who is 69 went to the ER because his face was swollen. He thought he was having a reaction to something. They did a chest xray and found a mass on his right lung. The ER doctor told him it was probably cancer. They thought they saw something on his kidney so they ordered a CT. On May 14th he had his biopsy on his lung. We received the results the following morning. The oncologist told us it was SCLC and it had spread to his stomach, liver and kidney. He also ordered another CT scan on his brain. Thankfully that came back clear. My father started chemo on May 15th and has had 3 rounds. He was released from the hospital yesterday. My dad has smoked for 51 years. I know it is going to be hard for him to quit, but he says he is going to. I'm sure during this fight I will have a lot of questions. The doctor says we are looking at about 18 months, but I believe this is in gods hands. My dad says he is going to beat this, but I know he's in the extensive stage of this cancer. Are there any books or things you suggest we read? I want to be as informed about this as I possibly can be.

Thank you,

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Welcome Jen, you will find a wealth of info on this site from people dealing with similar issues. Forget about the 18 months that is just statistical and your father is a statistic of ONE and will make his own path.

My 66yr old mom was dx with SCLC w/mets to brain on March 1st. March 31st we found it had moved to her spine. She endured 12 rounds of radiation to brain and spine, and has just completed her second round of chemo.

Make sure your dad stays positive, eats and drinks well. Hydration is a must!!

Take care.....

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Thank you for your words. We are trying to stay positive. Taking it day by day. He goes back to the doctor on Monday. I'm sure it will be to set up his chemo schedule and probably put the port in and maybe lab work. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. This is very difficult to deal with, but we are doing it. I plan to stick around this site, for encouragement, knowledge and support.

Thank you,

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Jen, it sounds as though your father is receiving the treatments he needs to help battle this disease. This site as well as others are full of information, but not all is neccessary or even good information. ( sometimes too much is a bad thing)
I am now 50yrs old, I was diagnosised in 08 with stage 4 lung cancer, SCLC in my left lung and NSCLC in my right lung and Lymphs. The tumors had spread and were too numerous for much treatment except chemo as a palliative measure. Well, though I had some bad side effects the chemo actually did more than they thought and bought me more time. I was given 4-6months without chemo, 1 to 1-1/2 yrs with chemo, and I am still going strong. I suffer from early onset of Altzhhiemers and Parkinsons (to many brain injuries) I had a stroke in 09 and several mini-strokes (TIA) since, I have suffered 7 Heart Attacks ( one double bypass, numerous stents, Bracoplasty ( radiation fed through a stent to distroy scar tiisue) and am currently on Hospice with less than 30% of the heart working. Last year I suffered my 7th major heart attack that distroyed part of my heart and they gave me 4-6 months in Jan 09, well I am still going, partly the Marine in me and mostly the Positive attitude I and my family have that I will continue on. Yes, we pray everyday that Gods will be done, and so far I have be given today.
You and your Father need to keep a positive sttitude and cherish everyday that you have, no one know what their future holds healthy or sick. Your father doesnt have an exppiration date on him, so create memories and enjoy the day, let tomorrow bring what it may, you cant do anything about it.
If you just type in Lung Cancer in the google search bar you will get tons of sites to go to, some useful some not. Miracle treatments are sometimes no more than hot air, other times more deadly than this disease so take all info with a grain of salt so to speak.
My cancer has spread to both bone and brain now, but I keep going and my family is as positive as I am, thats all that matters. If we dwell on the negative than it eats us up, we chose to live in the positive and cherish the time we have.
Everyone has one thing in common, we are all going in the same direction, just some will go sooner than others, I have out lived several "Healthy" friends. No one can tell anyone forsure when except God, and he will answer in his time. So live life with your father, enjoy the time you have, Laugh alot (my wife and I do) it does help, help your Father continue to live life, be there supportive for him even when its tough tiimes, that does help everyone though this journey.
Remember, everyday that passes, is a day they get closer to a cure, and then this diseases will be like small pox, and all others from the past a disease that ravage mankind til it was put under control.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to Your Father, You, Your Family and Everyone,
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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