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More good news

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Well, I had my appt today w/ my oncologist and also got back the results of my CEA test. It went down 19 points in the past month after having two treatments of Gemzar/5FU!!
I was so happy and relieved. It went from 81 down to 62 this time. Obviously, 62 is still quite elevated, but it's moving in the right direction. I was armed with a stack of print outs on clinical trials all over the country to show and discuss w/ my onc when I walked into my appt. But since the CEA has gone down, I will just be sticking with the Gemzar for now. Especially since I got word that insurance is now paying for it, I'm even more glad that it's likely working!
My onc said I should have my next scan a week after my next treatment- so next treatment is 4/28, then the scan can hopefully get scheduled for 5/5, or as close to that as possible.

It's amazing how up and down our emotions can go depending upon the results of scans, bloodwork, and what our oncologists tell us. It's so day to day. But, for today, I'm definitely most grateful, and I truly believe this is a direct answer to many prayers.

On the spiritual side, I'm going to a place called The Healing Rooms tomorrow with a friend to be prayed over. I just feel an internal nudging to go- it's something I've thought about for a few months now, but felt a bit hesitant about going before.

I know so many of you are going through such hard times- I am continuing to pray for you all. I also just donated some money to my local Relay For Life race with a tribute to everyone with colorectal cancer. The race is taking place tomorrow (Sat)in Oceanside, CA. I was thinking of participating myself but, knowing it falls on a post chemo weekend, I passed since I didn't know if I'd be up for it or not.

Fight on, everyone!


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I am so happy for you; this must be a big relief. You have always said your CEA is a good indicator for you, so this is fabulous news, especially after just 2 treatments. Your scan will confirm the great news for you. Thanks for sharing your GREAT news!

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Hi, Lisa!

Are you going to The Healing Rooms at Bethel in Redding? If so, my parents visited there many months back, and my mom said it was an amazing experience. She really felt the presence of God there and both my parents were genuinely touched by the warmth, kindness and love the folks there gave to them.

Whether it's that one or someplace else, hope you have a great experience!


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I went there in Nov. and had the most incredible encounter with God, healing experience. Have been there many times since and it is incredible place !!

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When I saw it on Facebook, I just felt so lifted up! This is what I've been praying for and I expect more good news!

Lisa, I'm glad you're going to the healing rooms. I've never been but I feel sure you'll be blessed.

I think about you and pray for you several times a day.


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I am glad things are getting better for youI know what you mean by CEA levels affecting your mood I am glad yours are going down good luck opn your next CT scan you are in my prayers


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Praise God for answered prayers and this is a direct answer to all that has been going up for you and please don't say "it is likley working" say it is working and may God stay in control of my healing. I am so excited for you and know you are on the right road stay positive and alow God to do what he does best Heal...

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Lisa- joyous news! We all tend to ride this roller coaster of blood tests and scans...yes an emotional roller coaster.

Relish the good news and that you are heading in the right direction!!!


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I'm sure that will continue....steve

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

I'm sure that will continue....steve

See, it bears repeating....

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Great News!!!! I pray your counts keep going down. Your Faith and positive thinking help a lot. Keep thinking positive thoughts. Our Relay Walk (Catasauqua/Whitehall, PA) isn't until June, but my daughter and I are rallying around town and through e-mails and we are walking in support of anyone who is affected by Cancer and celebrating life a year later. I will think of everyone on this board as I walk. Take care and God bless. margaret

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I'm very happy for you Lisa. I've been following yours posts for the last few months and this good news is long overdue. Go with the high and have a great weekend.

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If it's in Redding let me know, I've been there many times...it's incredible !!

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An answer to prayers! Keep the good news coming with a great scan in a few weeks!

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I'm so happy for you! You deserve this great news and much, much more. God bless you with continued success with your treatment.

You have a beautiful family!

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The Healing Room I'm going to is in Fallbrook, to those who asked. I know that they have them in several locations. To anyone who is interested, I'll be glad to share with you in a PM later what my experience was.

God bless!


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Great news Lisa...... I am so happy to hear this is working for you. Breathe a sigh of relief.... Take care


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I am so glad for your news. Also the part about insurance paying. That must give you some peace of mind too. One day/test at a time... Ann

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Yay, yay, yay!!!! That's absolutely wonderful news!!!


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That is great news Lisa. I'm really happy for you.

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Today was a busy day and wasn't on the computer much so I just came to the site tonight. I have to tell you that while I had a great day with the kids and the weather was wonderful, your news just made my day. I have great tears of happiness on my cheeks because the treatment is working and also because your insurance is covering the treatment. You have paved the way for another person in this position to obtain coverage more easily.

You keep fighting on Lisa for we are here cheering loudly for you.

On the spiritual side (stop reading if you're not), I did go to a healing session the night before my first chemo appointment (at the start of my treatment). The person that led the service said that God told her He was going to heal "cancer of the lower body and liver." This woman mentioned a few other ailments as well but I was amazed (why should I be amazed by God's work? ;) ) as she had no clue why I was there. When they laid their hands on me I had a very specific burning sensation in my abdomen and when they removed their hands, it went away. Hands back on (they laid them on my stomach) and burning came back, hands off, burning went away. It was an amazing experience.

Love and hugs to you,

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The same thing happened to me except it was my whole body and very hot !

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Thanks for the great news Lisa. Is that healing place in Oceanside? If so I think it's the same one I went to. They are a great bunch of people. Keep up the great news


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You are an amazing woman. I love your good news. Have a beautiful weekend my friend!


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I'm so happy to hear your CEA is moving back down!!!! You've fought hard to get this trial and to get insurance to pay for it, and now your hard work and determination are paying off!

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Lisa, what great news! I'm so happy for you and my prayer is for your complete healing and restoration. I'm so grateful that God uses doctors and medicines to treat...but I know that ultimate healing comes from Him. It sounds like you have been blessed with great doctors and new medicine. Keep up the good fight!


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So happy to hear your god news! Good news for 1 of us is like good medicine for us all! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs! Jean

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That is great news. I have learned with this cancer you need to celebrate ALL of the good news. It sounds like your new plan is working thanks to your fighting spirit.

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Communications issues with my ISP here, so I missed the party!

I'll just echo what everyone has already said, Lisa:)

Nothing is too good for you - all the best and we are watching you from the sidelines with a big ear to ear grin!


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Hi Lisa, I'm very happpy to see your post with this great news. I saw you on Compass Message Board when you were just diagnosed. I followed your posts there, and then here. I need to thank you for leading me to this board. I would come to this board whenever it's possible to me. There are so many helpful info here. I always hope that you will find a treatment that works for you. Fight on. Best wishes - Lucy

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I am so glad things are better!!!!! Best wishes Elizabeth

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that is geat news. SO glad Gezmmr seems to be working. Please keep us informed every step of the way, I will be praying for continued good news. Love your new picture by the way. YOu have a grat looking family


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Nana b
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That is just wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you!!

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It was good to get back and hear your good news. I know it is too soon for definitive results but at least things seem to be going in the right direction. And insurance coverage!! Halleluia!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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How wonderful to hear that news, Lisa! Things are definitely going in the right direction! I will email you tomorrow to catch up on things. I've been out of the loop, again, and i can see that i've missed too much. I didn't even know about the cc walk, and i would have loved to have gone to that!



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