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SF Marie

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I have been thinking of your sister, how is she doing? Tina

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I've kept you in my thoughts and prayers. How is your sis? How are you.


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You guys just made me cry! I am one big bundle of emotions these days. I love everyone here and appreciate all of the support and prayers.

My sister spent almost two weeks in the hospital, after the kidney and liver stents that they placed along with her pancreatitis. On top, she had a round of chem on Monday, but was able to go home on Wed.

She is struggling to gain her strength and eat. On top, the chemo does not help with the appetite. She is happy to be home, but also frustrated that she feels physically beaten-up. I know it will be a slow road to recovery, but she will get there! I just think it is so wrong that on top of everything, she had to undergo chemo.

I continue to pray every night for everyone here and I appreciate all of you sooo much!

I will continue to keep you all posted.


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You know you and your sis are family and we care so very much for our family. Just so she gets a little stronger each day. Being home and out of that hospital will do her a world of good. Nothing like your own bed. Please tell her we are thinking of her and her family often. Tina

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Thanks so much for the update; I really appreciate it. I hope she starts to feel much better very soon! I am glad that she is home - there is no place like home!

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