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My Birthday Weekend!!!!

idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Hey Everybody!!!

Sunday is my birthday...... My birthday weekend has started off really good. Today I had many calls with birthday wishes... a birthday cake from a friend... a huge beautiful arrangement of flowers from my best friends son....awe!..... some afternoon delight from the man :) ... got taken out for dinner tonite... got a few cards in the mail.... wow.... and it's only Friday!! Going shopping for a birthstone ring tomorrow from the kids... then lunch. Sunday the whole family... including siblings and all their families....are attending church to thank God for letting me celebrate another b-day. After church we are taking the whole clan out for Chinese. Early Sunday evening I am going out with a girlfriend to gamble on the boat and have a few drinks..... Man.... I just got tired typing all this..... maybe I am getting too old for all this fun??? NAH!!! Party on!!! have a great nite ya'll......


dianetavegia's picture
Posts: 1953
Joined: Mar 2009

That sounds like so much fun! I think we're CLOSE in age but I'm a bit older. You rock, girl!

I'm wondering what I should do for my 60th in Dec. and our 40 wedding anniversary in Oct. We've never done anything special... Hmmmmmmm

mark440's picture
Posts: 63
Joined: Jan 2010

Never get old of partying!!!! Have a great time!!

Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009

celebrate to your heart's content; you're never too young to do so..Happy Birthday...Steve

jams67's picture
Posts: 927
Joined: May 2006

Looking back over a year makes you realize how far you've come and all that you have to be thankful for. I love having birthdays, sure beats the alternative.
Sounds like yours is going on and on with the celebrating. Do they have naked dancing on the boat?
Jo Ann

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Happy Birtday, Jennie, wishing you a wonderful weekend + many more happy birthdays!

kimby's picture
Posts: 804
Joined: Oct 2007

Jennie, Here's wishing you the best birthday ever. I'm so glad it's going well, I can hear the excitement and joy in your words. I wish I could hear your voice. The gift of another year is precious and cause for a MAJOR celebration. Looks like you're right on schedule!

Have FUN!!!

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

Happy Birthday and many, many more

Lovekitties's picture
Posts: 3372
Joined: Jan 2010

Sounds like you and family and friends know how to celebrate!

Have a wonderful time...you can always rest up with naps next week.

Best wishes and Happy Birthday,


Paula G.'s picture
Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Happy Birthday Jennie. Sounds like it will be a great one. I too am glad you are doing so well. Think of you often and enjoy your posts. Have a drink for JR and myself okay. Happy birthay once again and many many more. Best to you, Paula

HollyID's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: Dec 2009

Jennie, you're never too old to party like a rockstar!!

Go celebrate! Your post gave me a HUGE smile!!

Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

Happy Birthday!Enjoy this great weekend!

GOOFYLADIE's picture
Posts: 233
Joined: Aug 2009

Have a fantastic celebration. Have a toast for me! My 20 year Anniversary is on the 10th of March looks like my husband will be back in the hospital for kidney surgery again. I wish we were out celebrating but we will have a do over at a later date when we have good health. I am just damn happy to be here and so glad your having a great weekend!!!!!
Cheers a double 7 and 7 with a lime twist!LOL
Goofyladie (Cass)

kimby's picture
Posts: 804
Joined: Oct 2007


On your anniversary lie in the hospital bed beside your husband (be careful where you hug him...LOL) and just be next to him. Let him feel the warmth of your body and the closeness you feel for each other.

Hubby is always afraid he will 'hurt' me or the nurses will get mad. I NEED him there and the nurses only care if I'm not comfortable or he gets in their way. That never happens.

Celebrate your anniversary however you can and just enjoy that you are both there.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


just4Brooks's picture
Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

Sounds like you got a great weekend planed. But you and I are going to have to talk about you cool car.. I've been talking to Phil and Buzz and we want to take that baby for a joy ride. We'll do all we can to hold back from doing the "Dukes of Hazard" tricks (NOT). YAHOOWA!!!

Lov ya

Posts: 965
Joined: Nov 2008


What a spectacular birthday weekend. Party on!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!


tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

Have a great time celebrating your birthday, Jennie. I always think it's fun when you get to make it an extended celebration, rather than just 1 day. Party hard!


JDuke's picture
Posts: 443
Joined: Nov 2009

Hope you have a weekend jam-packed with all things that make you smile. Live it up!!!

Posts: 638
Joined: Dec 2009

have a great time and drink one for me...

idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Howdy ya'll!!!!!!!!! Birthday weekend still going great!!! The kids all chipped in and got me a beautiful birthstone ring... Aquamarine and diamonds.... LOVE IT!!!! We hit up applebee's for beer and ribs....mmmmmmmmmm and mmmmmmmmmmmm..... Had to cut myself off as the brew was going down good. I haven't drank in over a year. (Man, am I a lightweight!!!!) Don't wanna feel crappy at church tomorrow plus I will be having a few more drinks on the Casino Queen gambling boat tomorrow evening....yeeeeeeeehaw!! Someone asked if I was dancing naked....partying naked.... ummmmmm..... LOL....ummmmm....ok YEAH!!! shhhhhhhhh!!!! Hear the hubby coming....he's got my gift in his hands.... :) oh my, did I say that out loud???? LMAO..... It feels so GREAT to be hurting from LAUGHING...and nothing else!!.. later my peeps...... oH....and thank you ALL for the wonderful birthday wishes.... I luv you guys!!!


usakat's picture
Posts: 625
Joined: Jul 2006

Jennie, hope your day is wonderful and fun. Celebrating your life with you....

Big birthday hugs to you!

lesvanb's picture
Posts: 911
Joined: May 2008

So glad you're enjoying your weekend!

all the best, Leslie

Crow71's picture
Posts: 681
Joined: Jan 2010

Happy Birthday Jennie. Hope you didn't snooze through church. Hey Brooks and Buzz - count me in on the joy ride. We'll leave Roscoe in the dust!!

Mchapp's picture
Posts: 96
Joined: Jul 2009

It's your Birthday - and you can party all year long!
Hope you have a fantastic year!

geotina's picture
Posts: 2123
Joined: Oct 2009

Happy Birthday wishes and we wish you many many more. George will be celebrating with you on the 9th. Take care - Tina

Sundanceh's picture
Posts: 4408
Joined: Jun 2009

Happy Belated B'day, Jennie!


lisa42's picture
Posts: 3661
Joined: Jul 2008


I'm so glad to hear about your fun birthday weekend! That's so nice that you got a ring from your kids. :)
Hope your ENTIRE WEEK is as enjoyable!!


nudgie's picture
Posts: 1482
Joined: Sep 2006

with your slogan to PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 45 yrs old and I plan to party as much as I can :)

Shayenne's picture
Posts: 2370
Joined: Jan 2009

So glad you are having fun, I can feel the smiling and laughter through your posts, I'm scared to even have a beer with my liver the way it is LOL..But have fun! keep partying! the weather was nice here this past weekend. Happy Birthday!


robinvan's picture
Posts: 1014
Joined: May 2007

I hope you survived your wild weekend!

Rob; in Vancouver

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