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Interesting but sad.....really

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This morning I was looking thru the cancer awareness ribbons on FB. Did you know that there is a ribbon for "Stop Animal Cruelty"? That's OK, I guess but I haven't yet figured out where that has a place on a cancer awareness ribon. But here's the kicker: that particular ribbon has reached 628,753 folks on FB. Guess how many the Colon Cancer Ribbon has touched. 45,069 and I find that just sad. I think we are supposed to be the guiding force behind this awareness stuff. I have notified our TV and radio stations in the Columbus, Ohio area. And given them the links to the postings here about Brooks'Cancer Walk. I guess we just need to be proactive and be diligent in promoting screening.

Many of my FB friends have posted their stories about their treatment and I think that is needed to make folks aware. People who have no need to come to this board really don't have a clue about the treatment and how to best avoid the need for it. And I think the picture idea that Brooks is requesting is a great idea. As a caregiver I will not be putting my picture up (seems so trivial in comparison) but I hope survivors will do so.

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Don't forget,probably more people have cats and dogs(pets) than have cancer or perhaps know people with cancer so that might be one reason animals are more "popular". Plus, defending animals (animal-lover that I am) seems not to have the negative reaction most people have to the thought of "cancer" even if its to support research for its eradication.Everyone of us afflicted should do everything we can to support efforts to publicize the need to find a cure for colorectal and all other cancers.......Steve

PS:Just occurred to me, animals ALSO come down with cancer! Neighbor's cocker spaniel currently being treated for cancer as you read this.....

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Did you only check the colon cancer ribbon? I don't use the ribbon, ever. I use the colon cancer blue star. You might have more luck with that.

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Is this to discourage testing of drugs on animals?

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