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You have got to believe in it

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Kerry S
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I have only been on this site a few months and I feel have learned a bunch from all of you. I have come to the conclusion that we all have different ways of beating this crap. However, to me there is one common thread. That is the damn strong belief in something that will beat it.

I chose to mentally visualize my own body kicking cancer ***. I love and eat red cow/deer/pig meat, potatoes and gravy. Smoke like a chimney but get a lot of exercise. I am not about to change any of my habits or lifestyle. I also have a strong believe in God, but am not associated with any church. My church is when I am in the woods. (There’s an old saying from WW2 “there are no atheist in foxholes”)

Others like the juice bit. At my age juice = diarrhea. Then there are those that just believe their doctors or a certain drug can do it. Some think coffee up their butt works.

For me, bottom line is what ever floats your boat. But, when you chose your path to NED you have got to put your heart and sole totally into it. You have got to believe in it.

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He11 yeah Kerry!!! I love your attitude. I wish you and I could take our saws into the woods together. You eat a cow and I'll drink my juice. (I'll have a little cow too.) Take care man - you're awesome.

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That is it in a nutshell. You do what YOU GOTTA DO!!!
Stage IV colon cancer survivor 12 years
Make it a great day!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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I think we do all have our own ways of dealing with cancer. Like other things, there is more than one way to succeed. There is also more than one way of judging success. Some may see it as being NED, others may see it as making another revolution around the sun. We are different yet united in our fight.

Attitude is EVERYTHING when it comes to cancer.

I hear you when you say your church is when you are in the woods.
I feel similar. Can't get enough nature.

6 year anniversary of living with cancer on Feb 25th

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Here's the guy that tosses cold water on parades!

Listen, believing that what I'm doing is going to keep me alive
is a good thing, IF what I am embracing can actually keep
me alive.

If I told you that eating peanut butter is the way to cure cancer,
and I believed it with every fiber of my body - it will remain a fact,
that all the peanut butter in the world, is not going to keep my
cancer from growing.

It's more important for us to understand, that regardless if it's
peanut butter, or chemotherapy, if it's not doing what we expect,
it's time to abandon that concept; that treatment, and find another.

No-one should allow fear of dying to cloud their own judgement;
to diminish their own common sense of right and wrong.

No life form lives forever, but many have died due to someone
else's poor judgement.

Trust thyself.

Ehh, huh?


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I never though that I would have cc but I got it had surgery to remove it and I never was afraid I was going to die because if I worried about it than it would just come that much sooner. I know I will die some day and when the time comes it won't make any difference if I coat my body in peanut butter or chocolate (prefer the latter) cancer is what it is if you keep a good attitude than you will enjoy what ever life you have left. I believe in God and no you don't have to go to church you can go to the woods on go sit on the stool.It is what is in your heart that matters and how you project your selves to others. If treatment works good if it doesn't well try something else. Never say Never is my motto. I love life and the path I have choosen is no ones business but mine. If you don't approve of what I am doing that's ok I didn't have to ask your permission to do it in the 1st place.Just love/like me now don't wait till you have to order flowers. Call someone today you know is suffering from something and tell them you are here for them. That is all we need to do support one another.

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Maybe just add a little grape jelly then?

There is a thing I'm sure you've heard of called the placebo effect. That being said, who knows what can happen. IF one has two ways of facing cancer, one is to be positive and the second is to be negative, positive wins hands down. Living life beats just being alive in my book.

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To clarify my intended point? If what an individual is trying is
failing them, they should not be afraid to try something different.

I strongly believe in TCM, but if I find it's failing me, I will turn
to something else.

Believing in what we are doing is important, but knowing when
to move on, is even more important.

We're all here due to the same problem; it's our common bond.

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I just love how you put that into words, couldnt have said it better myself. It sure would be an honor to meet you someday. I just know I would love the chance to have a conversation with you, about anything. Just love how you think...

Take care and I pray for the best for you.

God Bless

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