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Okay, so my friend is telling me at lunch today that her husband had cancer in the small 'tube' to the appendix a couple of years ago. He'd gone in for an appendicitis attack, had emergency surgery and then was called about 10 days later and told the path report said it was cancerous. (It was clogged, they were told)

I asked Amy if he had chemo. Nope, the surgeon said he got it all. I asked if he'd had CT scans. Nope. The surgeon said he'd be fine. I asked what kind of follow up check ups he has and she said 'he pees in a cup once a year'. The surgeon told them that's the only test he needed. What are they looking for? 'I don't know but the surgeon said that's all he needs to do.'

Also, the surgeon called Bob to tell him what the path report said and asked what type meds he was taking. Bob got his pills and an at home PDR. He and the doctor went over the meds and the doctor told him 'Ah Ha' pill XYZ caused his cancer and to stop taking it.

I did tell Amy I'd never heard of any such thing but let it go at that. Now I'm concerned that Bob (early 50's) is risking his life with this doctor.

Has anyone ever heard anything like this?

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never heard that one. Doc sounds a little 'flakey' to me.

But then again...my GYN today told me today the same thing he has told me for 5 years. I told him I am afraid of the hormones he insists I take. His reply has always been "My wife takes them". Well whoop-de-doo! I ain't your wife.He and his wife are fired!

Next year I get a new gyn.

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That sounds way to passive and I would get a new doctor right away and get a full blown physical. But then again, I am coming from doctors that don't let me get to far without a bloodtest or some other test! LOL

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A couple of years ago and he just pees in a cup once a year? Diane, I've been a nurse for a long time, and I have no idea what urine would show to make sure he is cancer free. I just can't wrap my head around the physiology of it all. Maybe another medical person here can. I know about babies... :o)

I have no idea why any surgeon who finds cancer doesn't refer someone to an oncologist for followup.

Ummmm... if I were Bob or his wife, I'd be finding a different doctor in about a heart beat. That's my $0.02 cents

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Sounds fishy to me!


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From an "Ha-Ha" doctor.
He can't be serious.

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I know guys. Amy had told me this at the end of our 3 hour lunch (No Martinis LOL) with another gal and I didn't want to push any more (didn't want to insult).

We're going to dinner Thursday night so I can bring it up again and tell her I'm concerned but I didn't want to find out later this was okay, just something I'd never heard of.

I cannot believe any doctor would blame cancer in the bowel area on some med OR not order CT scans, close follow up, etc.

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Here's what I found:

Usually carcinoids of the appendix are coincidental findings and have not spread until greater than 2 cm in diameter. However, even with a small one it is important to know that the tumor has not gone through the full thickness of the appendix wall and does not show any microscopic invasion of lymph nodes and blood vessels. If all these criteria are okay, then you are cured and no further testing is required.

Amy did use the term 'carcinoid'. Guess doc was right about no further tx.

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Please find out what the XYZ pill is that supposedly caused his cancer.

My hubby has a theory that if you take all the meds that docs push these days eventually you'll get your lawsuit....I'd laugh if it weren't true!

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My Grandmother Ward would never take vitamins because she 'knew a woman' who died and they cut her open and found all the vitamins she'd been taking had stuck together and made a big ball. And that killed her.

She also said that 'once they cut you open, air hit cancer and it grows like wildfire'. Scary thing is, I heard a 30 something tell a group that same thing last week. I corrected her in private. Oy Vey! Papaw Ward was Jewish by birth ;-)

Emily, on the site where I found the info about Carcinoid, it mentioned one type that was caused by or gave off certain hormones. I'll try to pin Amy down to a name or condition tomorrow night. I don't take meds but if that's true, I'd sure like to know and share it with others!

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my gastro dr got all the tumor when he did the scope but wasn;t 100% sure so i had the resection just to make sure. and i get a scope every year now!!
new dr in order
be well
never,ever give up!!

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