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I need help with some feedback from all of you out there! Please

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My mother-in-law is 82 years of age and in poor health, alzhiemers, diabetes, pacemaker and defibulator. She has been told she has slow growing kidney cancer with a possibility of lymph node involvement. We are waiting on the tests for that. The Dr. has recommended chemo by mouth if the lymph nodes are involved and kidney surgery if they are not involved. I have had chemo before for breast cancer and know what a beast it can be. I would like some feedback from others out there on what they would do if it was a member of their family? My father-in-law says he wants her to have chemo if the cancer has spread and my husband and I can't get through to him what a strain that would put on her in her condition. I am totally against the surgery as she has been told before her heart is in to bad a shape, but father-in-law is not listening. Please, if anyone has any feed back I sure would appreciate it. Maybe I am thinking all wrong?

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You might try looking into boosting her immune system with a supplement called transfer factor plus.

last year they found I had a large mass on right kidney. They took my kidney out and biopsey showed 4th stage cancer and it had matastized into my lungs with 4 tumors in lungs. Chemo was harsh and I am only 43 years old. Our immune system can beat Kidney cancer but only if it is strong enough to do so. The chemo was not doing much in way of getting rid of my tumors and it was running down my body. I began to take the immune boosting supplements and in three months time all 4 tumors had disappeared, and no other signs of cancer was found in me.

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Thank you and you will be in my prayers for you to stay cancer free!

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Lost right kidney to cancer in 2006, now spot of cancer on left kidney, no other cancers at this time. I would like more information on the Transfer Factor Plus you mentioned. Is this a prescription your Doctor gave you. My spot is small at this time so if I can do anything to stop it from killing my only remaining kidney, I'm all for it! Thanks!

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Hi Naniz, read your post with great interest. Where do you get the Transfer Factor Plus? Is it a capsule? What a story...I am so happy you are doing well. Best Wishes, Pat

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in September - In October he had a 14 hour surgery where he had his left kidney removed and cancer growth up the vena cava (sp?) they had to crack open his chest and put him on lung/heart bypass as there was a massive blood clot at the top of the vena cava. (He also has masses in both lungs) We are told that standard chemo treatments are not successful on kidney cancer. They tried him on IL-2 but he could not withstand the harshness of the chemicals and had a mild heart attack. He is on a new immune therapy now and we are praying for some results as the last ct has shown tumor growth since October. By all means talk your father in law out of chemo - my understanding it does not help the kidney cancer

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Chemo in the traditional sense doesn't work on kidney cancer (well, it's what we've been told). However, there are now new drugs which act to cut the blood supply to the cancer cells.

Don was on Sutent (pill) and couldn't handle the full dose; half dose didn't help. He went on Torisel (IV) and it did a good job. The cancer came back quickly after he was taken off Torisel and he went on the third drug, Afinitor (pill). That had no results. However, every drug has different results on different people.

And every person has different tolerances. Don couldn't tolerate Sutent, can manage Torisel fairly well for two months and had very few side effects from Afinitor.

I'm not making sugggestions, but you might want to get other doctors' opinions and also check with people about your mother's general condition.

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