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Merry Christmas too all

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Haven't posted in long time, but read the board every day. At least once every few days I meet someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer ( I am a phlebotomist, or as most people call me a vampire)and I encourage them to seek out this board. You are all such a blessing to me, if it wasn't for this board I think I would have had a nervous breakdown when my husband was newly diagnosed. You all helped me calm down and take each day as it came and were always there with an encouraging word or advice.Thank you for that. Just know that each and everyone of you are in my thoughts and prayers every night. My husband celebrated the 3 years NED this Oct. 31. I still get the shakes when he has his appt. with the doctor but I now know it's part of the package, and I keep a positive attitude. Thank you everyone, and have a blessed Christmas.


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You have a wonderful Christmas, too!


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