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yeeeh just got back from GP....I have horrendous pain because I have shingles....isn't that weird...for 4 weeks i have just been lumping along thinking....oh my gosh cancer hurts

another indication of how much we are willing to put up with

anyone else had shingles????

gotta be better than cancer


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I'm so glad it isn't cancer but shucks!!!

Enuf is Enuf

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had it, but it was three years ago. Before the cancer hit him. Very painful stuff-his was in his neck and head and I know some get it in their mid-section. Feels like needles. He was in a great deal of pain, too. Glad it's not cancer, but golly how much is too much for one person? I think stress can bring it on, have you heard that?

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Nana b
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Yes, I did get them when my grandson passed away.......too much stress was the culprit! They are very painful!

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i have heard....that stress can bring it on....gee I wonder if anyone here has had stress???? lol

anyway not to get too excited....I still have onc and cea results thurs...and Yes it is really bad pain. I had 3 morphine pills leftover from liver surgery and I tried one and it did not help one bit...ouuch talk about neuropathy...who cares...not cancer


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Ouch! I feel your pain and I'm so sorry you have to suffer in another way. Enuf issssss Enuf. I had them after my 2nd tx in my shoulder. Unsure of what it was went to the ER they gave me morphine didn't even touch the pain. They detected internal shingles it was caused from a combination of stress and chemo. Anything that compromises the immune system will erupt shingles. I was able fortunately at the time to have my chemo dose lowered and was given valtrex and the pain did subside. I am going to get the vaccine after chemo so that I never have that pain again. See if you can have them help you like I had. Good Luck and you are in my prayers. God Bless. Hugs.

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Yes I got the shingles in my left eye and it left scaring all over my fore head and above my eye brows. And if i wouldn't of caught it soon enouhg I would of lost the sight in that eye. And it was suppose to have my ovaries taken out because the cancer had grown in them from my colon cancer. One of my nurses say it happens to alot of cancer patient's.It has alot to do with your nerves and nerve ending's.

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Sorry to hear this Mags.

My wife, Pam, has had shingles. The stress of the caregivers!! Most recently in the last few weeks. Probably in response to my Irinotecan reaction! She gets a good jump on it and prevents most of the nastier symptoms. Anti-viral meds, lysene, vitamin "C" infusions, and other treatments.

Beyond the pain, it really saps your energy.

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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So sorry to hear about the shingles mags, I know my friends father got them, and she said he was in alot of pain as well, and it took a long time for it to go away! I heard it could be from when or if you had chickenpox, it lays dormant in your system, and then can come back as shingles. But I figured it wasn't the cancer, because the cancer itself doesn't seem to hurt, just the medicine fighting it.

I hope you get better soon, will they be giving you something stronger for the pain? I wonder how they treat it? Hopefully it will get the heck out of your body soon! You'll be in my prayers!!


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G'day mags seems like a lot of folks on this board stood in front of the fan instead of behind it if you get my drift. I doubt if I will live long enough to get shingles as I didn't get chicken pox until I was 38. Get out the calamine lotion. I don't know who we upset but they like revenge. I had a standard eye exam the other day. They put the drops in to dilate my pupils after two days they are still dilated and the optomotrist is starting to panic. You wouldn't be dead for any money we are having so much fun. Hope the pain goes real quick,hugs,Ron.

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Ron we don't hear enough from you....so glad to see you...snowing like stink here....how bout you? gosh I hope your eyes are ok

re shingles...why yes indeedy they do hurt. I had 3 morphine tabs leftover from liver surgery so i thought I'd give em whirl....did not touch the pain. They willnot treat me now because if you catch it early I guess there are antivirals but I have left it for 4 weeks.

doc gave me a tiny dose of Elavil...apo-amitriptyline....it is an antidepressant when given in small doses is supposed to help with neuopathy...tried it last night....can't say it helped.

ok gotta go shovel snow

hugs to all and thanks


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Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

this is my first dose of shingles and I wonder if it is the compromised immune system....also had a wacker of a cold virus when it started.

your cancer shingles chicken egg thought is interesting....mmmmm


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Hi Mags,

So sorry you have another "thing" to deal with. You are a real toughy, I can't believe you made it so long without treatment. Hopefully you will find something to help with the pain. My mom had shingles and she was on percocet. Sure hope you start feeling better. I'll be prayiing for you.

Debbie (gramma)

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I think I have pretty much decided to tough this one out. The antivirals I think are only good for maybe 72 hours after rash eruption. Poor old liver....hate to flood it with percs...

thanks for your thoughts and prayers. For any of you caring for someone with shingles I can honestly say this is THE worst pain I have ever had....even after 2 liver resections...
she's a real kicker for sure.


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If you've had chicken pox,
you have the virus dormant in your system.
they are not sure what sets it off. some people
never get them,a compromised immune system
cetainly doesn't help.

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Sorry to hear about your pain with the shingles, Mags. I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

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So sorry to hear about shingles and the pain you are having. Hoping you get some relief for the holidays.


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I'm sorry to hear you have shingles. But thank goodness it isn't cancer. Shingles will go away. But in the meantime you've got a lot of pain to deal with - that sucks.

I hope it clears up soon for you.

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I believe that a steroid pack would maybe help in reducing the pain and discomfort some...

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Hi Mags,

As others have said, I'm sorry to hear you have shingles but glad it's not the cancer acting up more! My second child had shingles on her 2nd birthday. She actually got it from the varicella vaccine, which she had right around her 1 year old birthday. She and my son got the vaccine at the same time & both broke out with a mild case of chicken pox after being exposed to it a couple of months after getting the vaccine. One year after that, my daughter broke out with shingles. I wasn't sure what it was at first- never heard of it happening in a young child like that & neither had their doctor, but they thought it was from the vaccine. She's 14 now and hasn't had any other outbreaks. The sores usually are all on one side of the body & my daughter's were on the opposite of what the "usual" is (which I forgot which side that was). Anyhow- rambling here, sorry- I do hope that you get some relief from the shingles. There are medications available, I believe- both oral and topical, so make sure you get some good meds for it.

Hugs to you,

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yes Lisa all my pain and sores are on one side....the left side. I really don't think I am going to get any meds....in 2 hours off to onc

Buzz what is a steroid pack??????

mmmmwarm coffee cold morning. I know it's not good but i do not want to give up the morning coffee

thanks, mags

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Mags, I too got shingles down the back of my legs and they suck! I was told that the chicken pox virus lays dormant in your system for life and with chemotherapy, your immune system is unable to keep the virus dormant and therefore, the flareup.

At first sign of shingles, get to a doctor and get on medication. The sooner you get on the pill (can't remember the name of the medication) the quicker it controls the breakout. Hang in there and eventually they'll go away with no scaring!

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I wish I could wear some of your pain for you. My son got shingles when he was 16. We moved 2 hours away to a new city, new school, new kids, new sports, new atmosphere. we were from the Central valley in California and moved to the central coast life is completely different here. My son was miserable, and angry, and upset, and loved the coast and hated missing his friends, but loved the new atmosphere but missed his old life terribly he had a horrible case of shingles to boot. The doctor gave him medicine and told him when he was upset to let it fly, don't hold bag because being upset was making the shingles worse they seem to take months to go away. He was a wrestler and wrestled with them. He got cleared from the doctor, but he was still in severe pain. And when the stress was more under his arms and down arm opening and center of his back would be covered in shingles. I don't know how he stood it. We did have a lot of open let it fly conversations, because I couldn't stand for him to hurt, I think his dad and I let a few things slide to just so we could not let him hurt. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Can I say please worry about only those things you have control over and ride out the others and let your friends and family step in and help with the other. Lots huge hugs your way. Goofyladie (Cass)

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Hi Mags!
Boy,do I feel bad for you!
my father -in -law used to get them real bad
all over his torso and he used to say how very painful they are.
They are from the chicken pox virus,
that lays dormant in your system and something sets
them off.
They sometimes took a couple months to go away.
He only got them on his torso.
Hope you feel better soon.


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