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Smoking and Cancer

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I believe it causes cancer and it should be banned from Society.

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Lots of things cause cancer. Everything can't be banned. If a person chooses to smoke then they have to deal with the consequences.
I find it humorous when I go to Sloan for treatments and I see all of the people outside puffing away. Duh???? They don't get it. I guess thy see how much "fun" all of us people with cancer are having and want to join us! Society can not, nor should they, protect everyone for everything that is deemed dangerous. What about alcohol, coffee, tanning salons, cell phones...the list can go on forever.

I think I understand what you're saying, it's a no-brained that smoking tobacco products GREATLY increases your likelihood of checking out early!

BTW: I can't stand the smell of cigarettes.

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when I see people smoking in frony of cancer center Igo to. They smoke, some even snuff out rest of cig and put it in pocket for later and enter facility for treatment. Makes ya wonder why do chemo/radiation and still smoke> Like people with COPD and oxygen at Atlantic City, for example, turning off oxygen to smoke a cigarette.I smoked for 35 years till Dx COPD Nov 2000. My past drinking also contributed to my cancer....I]ve almost gotten into fights asking/telling people not to smoke by bench at entrance to center, especially some big ***++++ smoking a cigar. Came real close to cracking my wooden cane over his head but can't afford to have stoma/*** get hurt...Steve

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Doesn't it just amaze you Steve? How blind can they be?
I really wish I could fart on command*. It's not much of a difference except farts won't kill you. I'm sure the smoke doesn't bother them just as my farts don't bother me. But I be they (outside smokers) would be furious if I farted in their general direction. Well I don't like their smoke
I think I have sunk to a new low with my comments (if that's possible!)

*I don't wish for much!

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I see that also at George's chemo center and don't get it. I even saw one of the employees out back having a puff, with what they see, they still do it. It is their personal choice I guess.

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"Banned from Society" is quite a strong statement. I, personally, prefer to live in a free society and not a communist society. Many things in life are bad for us, but please remember, it is an addiction much like alcohol and pain medication. Should we take the pain medication away from a cancer patient that becomes addicted, I think not. I do understand your aversion to smoke but banning someone from society for their addiction, where would it end.

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funny? angry? pissed off??

Personally, I find it mostly sad.

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My mother smoked three to four packs a day since she was ten, she had said.
She married my father when she was 18 and they died a few years apart,
just a few years ago. He smoked as much as she did, and they were together
nearly 24/7/365.

She developed lung cancer and the prognoses was 6 months to a year.
She continued to smoke until the end of her life, some 17 years later, in
spite of only having one lung, and a cancerous one at that.

My father never developed cancer of any type.

Cancer is an insidious disease, not limited to smokers; not caused
exclusively by smoke.

Yeah, it's a lousy habit, and I don't miss it one bit, but to make things
illegal to "save someone from self destruction" isn't conducive to
freedom and liberty.

There are a million things that can kill, you can't outlaw them all,
and in this Nation, it's wrong to try.

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Had quit smoking 8 years ago, and told my brother, "Watch me get cancer anyway" and here I am today, with cancer, I felt alot better quitting though, just didn't want to keep up the habit with my little kids around then :)

But non-smokers get cancer as well, people who live healthy lifestyled as well get cancer....you're darned if you do, darned if you don't to me.


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til Dx in Nov 2ooo with COPD and continued to smoke,crying myself to sleep-waking up with a smoke. In July 2001 decided to quit and did ever since so obviously can't stand smokers now.Should it be illegal cos its known to cause cancer-I don't know. Don't see guns being banned (here we go),don't see sex being banned (in some cases it is)don't see high fructos corn syrup being banned--all cause illness and death therefrom or directly. But does your freedom to smoke not infringe on my right to clean air? What makes it sorry is these smokers outide of cancer facilities are either patients,workers or caregivers---Shouldn;t they know better?........Steve

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Although I am a former smoker, I believe they have their rights too. If there is smoking in a restaurant, I just choose to sit in the non-smoking section. Someone I went to school with got lung cancer and died at the age of 23 and never smoked a day in his life. This is a slippery slope when we start banning things from society.


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Luckily it's banned in NY and NJ in restaurants. There it's really disgusting. If people want to smoke they should be allowed but I should not have to smell it.

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How much are they up to now, $6, $7, $8, $9 per pack?
I couldn't afford to smoke them!

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after reading the heading and comments. I am an ex-smoker. Quit in 2006, but smoked for 20 years. I started at age 11 and continued until age 42 when I was DX with Stage II colon cancer. I had tried in the past to quite, but the desire and will was not there.

I was still smoking when I was DX in 2006. It was funny, my husband told me that I had asked the surgeon if I could have a ciggeratee before my surgery. I don't remember, those good meds :)

While in ICU, I can remember making my husband take me outside, so I could have a cig, I think only two during my 7 day stay.

Then during the beginning of chemo treatments, I would go down and have a cig before I received my chemo drugs, which was out front of the hospital with IV Roller in hand.

Then around Sept / Oct timeframe, I went out in my garage to have a cig (can't smoke in house) and while I was smoking something did not taste or feel right, so I put the cig out and never touched another one.

It was the chemo that helped me quite, so something good did come it. My husband and brother-in-law still smoke, but it does not bother me. I can be around smokers and I good.

The hospitals I received my surgeries and chemo at are not a SMOKE FREE campus.

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Boulder Colorado is a smoke free city.
no smoking in any public buildings or within a certain distance
from them.It was great, never smelled cigerettes until I moved back to Pennsylvania.
even tho they have 'SMOKING SECTIONS ' in restaurants,I still can smell them and hate
it when I'm eating.

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is a smoke free campus. Our restaurants are all non smoking as well.

I used to smoke on occasion when I was younger (and stupider). I quit for good when I was pregnant with my youngest (he's now 19).

My mother was a smoker until she gave it up cold turkey one day about 30 years ago.

I don't mind anyone smoking, but I don't want to be exposed to it. :)

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It really breaks my heart to see young people smoking too! I think about all that we are going through to fight this disease and people are just willy nilly increasing their odds of getting it. But like Phil said, we can't ban everything...all we can do is try to educate as many people as possible.


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I think smoking is a bad thing,but I do not want to see anyone lose any rights.My greatgrand mother was a chain smoker,and lived to be 88yrs. old.I don't smoke,but smoke dosn't seem to bother me,except when I'm eating.I think people just need to be educated.I've known people who had trouble breathing,and still wouldn't quit,go figure.

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