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catheter out

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Cath came out yesterday, t'was a bit of a "yoowl" for about 10 secs, lol.
The nurse said I had a urine infection so bunged some antibiotic in the arse cheek
and gave me some pills for the rest of the week.
Then had to drink 8 cups of water within 1 and a half hours, every time I passed urine
she scanned my bladder with one of those ultrasound things to make sure I wasnt retaining
any urine (I wasnt)
They sent me home with packs of pads large and small. I was so paranoid the 1st day I had the big one on, but I'm pleasently surprised to find I'm pretty dry.
I wore I last night just in case, but no problems and today I'm on the smaller
and much more comfortable pads.
It's great to have the cath out and I feel a lot more human.
She also gave me some cialis to take 3 times a week to start the blood flow thing
and said any time I fancied stimulation either on my own or with
my girlfriend to feel free.

William Parkinson
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Mike, your report is very hopeful. It is great to have the catheter out at last. And nothing feels better than knowing your basically dry right out of the gate.

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Glad to hear that you are progessing! Now set back relax, continue to heal. have fun with the Rehab. Don't worry if nothing happens right off. It takes time.

I find the pills work best on an empty stomach and take about 1hr before you attempt anything.
Might take some aspirin with them since they can cause a headache.


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Been away for a while, but I am glad to see that things are going well for you. Getting rid of the ball and chain is certainly cause for celebration.

Sounds like you are on the road to a good recovery. Remember that the "stimulation" part of your recovery is just for blood flow and exercise. I forget when your surgery was done, but if you get a really good response to the drug and stimulation, you should remember not to overdo it. There was a lot of internal stitching that took place. This stuff doesn't heal overnight. But then again that would really be a GREAT problem to have to worry about, wouldn't it? LOL

Best of luck to you,


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Go easy Mike last thing you want is that cath back in. Good luck on the rest of your recovery and still walk and water ...


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Thanks everyone.
Yep still hitting the water and walking, doc said I couldnt go
back to th gym or swim for another couple of weeks.
Getting up a couple of times a night to go to the bathroom, but at least it's a
concious act.
I'm impressed with my dryness to be honest, never thought I'd be this
much in control and the dog has stopped sniffing round my leg with the removal of the cath bag:)
Have quite an ache in the testicles but I believe that's normal.

Sonny, been following your progress on the other site, best wishes to you and your wife.


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Congrats on being dry. I was also from day 1. Not even wearing pads any more. It is a beautiful thing to rid yourself of the catheter (although I had to have mine re-inserted twice!) So be careful. My uro thought my problems were related to swelling (closing the uretha) and clotting. It wasn't much fun. I might have been better off taking some asprin or ibuprofen to keep the swelling down. Oh well, I'm past that now.

I still take stool softeners because I really feel the push on the bladder stiches during a BM so keeping it soft really helps.

Good luck on your continued recovery.


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Joined: Jul 2009

Thanks Jim,
I tried no pad for a few hours this evening and did pretty good.
Just the one slight dribble when I stood up too quick.
Going out for dinner with the GF tomorrow evening for the first time after
surgery so will pad up for that.
Not confident about going to bed without one either yet
but it's early days.
Glad to hear your doing well,

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