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my PET scan results

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Well, my PET scan results are kind of what I was expecting- not great, but could have been worse, I guess.
My "multiple pulmonary nodules" are stable in size, but their uptake (metabolic activity) has become more intense in all nodules. I also now have a new liver tumor along the edge of where my liver resection was. Nothing popped anywhere else, though.
So, to hear I had disease progression while on Folfiri and Avastin says that I've apparently become resistant to the chemo and Avastin. So, the timing of me going to try Dr. Cantrell's treatment of Lovastatin and interferon is well timed.
I've still got to pack tonight, but I've got all my paperwork ready in a binder.
Wish me luck and I'll definitely take your prayers!

Take care-

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finish packing, relax a little and try to get some sleep. I'm sure your next treatment will be successful....Steve

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I will be sending up many prayers for you and hopes that this is the perfect treatment for you.


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You know I cannot wait to see those results. Let me know how it's going. You are ALWAYS in my prayers... take care


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but at least you've got a backup plan with Dr. Cantrell. We'll all be eager to hear how it goes out there. I'll be praying for you and holding you and Cantrell in the light. Keep us posted -
and best wishes for a safe journey -

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Certainly, I will continue to pray for you.


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Lisa, thanks for sharing your update with us. Goodluck with Dr. Cantrell, & have a safe trip!

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So sorry to hear the treatments didn't work.

I am praying that Dr. Cantrell's treatment is the answer for you!

Keeping you in my prayers.



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I'm sorry you didn't get better news that you were hoping for but like you said, you now have another option to move forward with. You are in my prayers and I pray that this new treatment will be just what is needed for the reduction of your tumors and to a complete recovery. I'm thinking of you and wishing you only the best. Be careful on your trip and keep us informed as to what is happening if you are able.


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Hi Lisa,
I was thinking about you and praying for you on my way to work today. You are right that your timing is good to go see Dr. Cantrell. You are a brave and strong woman and I am praying that you will have success with this new treatment.


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Lisa that is a disappointment for sure. Gosh I'm glad you have a fresh new start to explore with Dr. C. All the best of luck and wishes.


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Dear Lisa

Your strength and resolve has always been apparent - the way you phrase bad news is a unique gift and reminds of myself in many ways - but alot about you does.

Even though you are strong, I know you must be disappointed still; that would be only human. On the other hand, you felt that Folfiri might fail you and you had already been pro-active with Dr. Cantrell, in anticipation.

This has served you well, as you can now roll seamlessly into this new treatmnet plan with faith and confidence in your new onc's abilities.

I join the others in praying for a good outcome and hoping things go well for a person like you - you deserve all the good things that Life can bring you.

You're still my California Sunshine :)


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I am sorry you didn't have a better PET scan result. Good luck with the new treatment you are exploring with Dr. C. Have a safe trip and keep us informed - Tina

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Hey lisa, I am praying for you and your journey.....have a safe trip and keep us posted! Patti

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Lisa my prayer will be with you.
happy to be here!!

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You have certainly shown us all what bravery looks like. Good for you on seeking out a new treatment and being proactive.

I am thinking of you tonight as you get ready for your trip. I wish for you safe travels and good news from your trip.


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I am praying for you Lisa. I think you are smart and brave. I hope Dr. Cantrell has the cure for you. I will continue to post how my phase 1 trail in San Antonio is going on ARRY-438162.
Still Fighting!

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I'm sorry to hear the chemo hasn't been working to stop progression. It is good you had already looked into alternatives, and have a different path to try.

Praying that Dr Cantrell's treatment works for you!

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I do wish there had been a happy surprise in there for you. We'll be praying for excellent results in the new treatment. Keep us posted on how it goes. We're here for you.


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Dear Lisa,

I'm so sorry that you didn't get better news today. You are an amazing woman. You already had a plan in case you got this kind of news. I'm glad that you have done all your research and are ready to go.. Please know that I am praying for you always. You are such an inspiration. Hope you have a stress free trip and all things are in order for you. Know that we're all here for you, in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless You,

Debbie (gramma)

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that your results are not what you wanted to hear, I think you had a feeling with your CEA level going up a bit, didnt ya? I agree that it is good timing for you to go and see Dr Cantrell, I am so keeping my fingers crossed that you will be a good match for his treatment and that it works wonders for you. Please keep us informed, I know you are probably sleeping now and traveling tomorrow, but just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying real hard that things come together for you.

God Bless

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You guys are so awesome!
It makes me tear up with all the love and support you all give. Thank you!!
I'm sitting here at my computer at 12:15. Today was kind of stressful with several errands to do and a Dr. appt for my son thrown in there- we were 15 min. late & they actually wouldn't see us and told us come back 2 hrs later. NOT what I needed today! But it ended up fine. I'm packed and ready to go. I just needed some destress quiet time after everyone else was in bed. Hope you all have a great rest of the week & I think I will too!


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Keep us posted on your visit. You are in my prayers. Marie

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I hope all goes well, and we'll be praying for you.
Take care,

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coming your way lisa l know the new treatment will work thinking of you

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and big huggs . michelle

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Paula G.
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Lisa, I will be thinking of you and everyone on this site are in my prayers. Can't wait to see what you find out.
Sorry for the bad news. Damn Cancer!!! Paula

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I'm so sorry to hear that Folfiri and Avastin are not working for you either. I admire your proactive attitude and ability to have put together your treatment with Dr. Cantrell. I am not having much luck in finding a clinical trial (the ones that I am interested in are closed). So, I will either find an alternative treatment such as you have done, or start "backup chemo" as my second opinion onc referred to the cocktail of Gemzar, Zeloda and Avastin.

I have read Suzanne Somers new book, "knockout, Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer". I find myself overwhelmed by the different options. You have such clarity of thought and determination. I really admire your courage.

Please keep us informed about your journey.

Together in hope,

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Sorry to hear you didn't get better news, but stay optimistic Lisa. I am sending prayers for a safe journey, and for success with your treatment with Dr. Cantrell.

Be well,

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Nana b
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Thinking and praying for you Lisa.

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I am soo sorry that Folfiri didn't work for you, it shrunk my tumors, but that's about it, now it's just "Stabilizing" for me, and I don't really want to stay on Maintenance Chemo either, I'm thinking of a trip to MD Anderson when I get my tax refund check back in a couple months may be coming for me as well, just to get that second opinion. You have the same problem as me to, getting rid of these darn liver tumors!!

I hope you have a safe trip, and really hope this turns out to be a good thing! If it is, I'm on way there too LOL...I really want this to work for you, and can't wait to hear how this went!

Get some nice relaxing time in as well, and will hear from you soon!!!

Hugssss and lots of love,

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Hi Lisa,
I don't post on here to often, but I do get a lot of information and encouragement from everybody's posts. I have definintely been following your posts on your new upcoming adventure with Dr. Cantrell. I just wanted to send good thoughts and prayers your way. I am praying like crazy for you that this treatment will get you in a place that brings you years of living the good life. I really admire you for taking action to do what is necessary to continue to be around for your family. Hope all your appts in Nashville go smoothly, and thanks so much for keeping us updated. Looking forward to hearing more from you!!

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