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VickiCo Wednesday is the first day of the Rest of your Life....

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Getting ready for the big day tomorrow...Today is not a day to worry, its a day to remember. It will be the last day of trouble for you. You will have freedom back, your control back, your life back. Just another short round of healing and soreness but will be worth it all. Good Luck to you in the morning and Bless you and hubby. Life is fixing to become great again......Talk to you very soon.....Buzzard

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Hey Vicki!

From Buzzard's post, I'm assuming you are having surgery tomorrow. I must have missed an earlier post, but whatever the case, good luck! I'm positive that you will have a great outcome! Be blessed!


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She has opted to have an ostomy to correct a problem and get her life back. She has had a lot of trouble with the resection and has opted to end her bathroom issues once and for all. Shes a very strong woman....

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She is very strong, and soon Clift, she will also have ostomy stories like ours to share that will make us laugh as well LOL :)


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It's going to go fine and you are going to feel a whole lot better. Saw your radiation quilt and loved it....not posting mine...you are way out of my league baby!!!!!

Talk soon Vicki


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I am counting the hours. Funny story - the pharmacy clerk (when I got my 'cleanout' supplies)tried to warn me that I would 'be in the bathroom a lot tonight.' The pharmacist, who knows me well, looked up and he and I burst out laughing. I just said "No different than any other day for me!"

I just want to get this show on the road. I am wearing my practice bag, and honestly forget it's there.

Thanks for the good wishes. Now what am I going to do with all that money I used to spend on TP and Depends???

Many hugs, Vicki

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buy more fabric of course :) :) :)


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Good luck tomorrow but I know you will be fine. I am exactly 8 months out from mine (wow! I just counted that today)and I can honestly say "it ain't no big deal!" I eat whatever I want, (even though that took a few months...your body has to learn some new things too), including salads, nuts and popcorn. (Wean into those!). I workout, chase my 5 year old around again and above all still wear my same clothes. The ONLY issue I have is that I have gained all my weight back plus a few since I can eat again and my jeans have gotten a bit tight around the hips. But I can work on that, it has nothing to do with the colostomy.
One piece of advice is to WALK WALK WALK as soon and as much as you can. You will heal and feel much bette faster.

Good luck and hugs your way!!!

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It will be nice to have this done.

Love your quilt. I've just finished radiation so can relate well to the image!

Peace and blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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Vickie - good luck tomorrow, hope to see you back and posting soon!

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I hope everything goes well for you on Thursday. I will be thinking good thoughts and prayers.


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