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life expextancy after prostate cancer mastisizes

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My dad his prostate out in 2005 and had radiation after that as well as lupron shots until a couple of months ago . His cancer sread into the bone in his shoulder - his whole shoulder is encased and the tumor has attached itself .( he laso has a spot on his rib and his lower spine)He is having amonths worth of radiation treatment and is having an orchiodomy after that . My question is once the cancer has spread like that how long will he have to live. His gleason score is 8

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Why is he getting an orchiotomy? I urge you to have your Dad consult an oncologist. In the shorter-term there are hormone-ablation combinations that may still work for a little while. Abertetone (sp), should also be approved in a year or so and I believe that drug actually stops the production of testosterone that is amazingly made by prostate cancer cells. Then there will also be Provenge (see my answer to you in another post). Also, he should consider changing his diet and taking certain natural supplements like pomegranite extract, fish oil, etc.

An orchiotomy, I believe, will not be helpful at this point but there is still hope.

As to your question...how long....only God knows. BUT, a full targeted approach, even at this point, may help to lenghten life longer than if little is done. Again,an oncologist should be sought at this point.

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how much pomegrante extract daily and where to buy it?

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If you are not familiar with the site post your questions also over at www.healingwell.com under their prostate cancer forum. They have a very active group with men at various levels of the disease.


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Pomegranate is sold in supermarkets, drugstores and on-line, in juice/extract form or pills. I wonder the reason for your choice in taking this supplement but I think your decision relates to prostate cancer. As far as the results from trials in PCa patients, pomegranate managed to only slower cancer progression in a few number of cases. Some had higher benefits.

These links may be of interest to you. You may find some amswers regarding doses:








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vdgama  thank you for answering my very first post.

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