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Dick starts Folfori + Avastin Tue

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Hi All,
The biopsy on the 1 lymph node came back positive so Dick will start Folfori + Avastin on Tuesday. The doc said they watch for blood pressure issues and kidney issues on the Avastin. Also should the Folfori feel any different than the Folfox? I know there won't be the oxi so no neuropathy (he has quite a bit from the Folfox). Did any one's doc say anything to them about Avastin and exercise? I know it is very important to Dick to continue to exercise.

Thanks for any info and for your thoughts and prayers as we really try to beat this cancer down and completely out.


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Kathleen and Dick, I will continue to pray for Dick's healing and for your family during this time.


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My husband had a MUCH better time with the folfiri than the folfox!! There was nausea and fatigue but it was tolerable. He didn't do avistan though so I don't know how that will change things. How many rounds will he do? I'm sorry he has to go through more chemo... But I'll bet this is just the last bit he needs to kick the cancer for GOOD!!

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Hope that Dick responds well to this. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you journey forth on this new treatment. You have a big plate to fill with your struggles yourself especially with your daughter and Dick. I pray that you get comfort and know that you are always being thought of and also your family.


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Hi Kathleen

You guys watch the Avastin closely and tell Dick if his heart begins skipping a beat then it could be from that.

My onc said it was not the Avastin, but when I was taking it, this started to happen to me and it continued awhile after I stopped taking it.

It was scary, like you breath in but your heart does not go with you...it would happen 100's of times a day for me...eventually it stopped.

Probably won't be the case but just letting you know in case Dick notices this sensation.

I did it for about 8 months. And was glad to stop taking it.


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Hi, Kathleen.

I'll be praying for you and Dick. I'm sure chemo was NOT on his list of things he wanted to do again, but hopefully this will take care of things. I hope he won't have too many side effects.


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It sounds like a good program. Avastin is good to have added on. I hope it is tolerated well and does the job.

Peace and Blessings... Rob; in Vancouver

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My experience with Avastin was that it dried me up and I was prone to constipation. Hopefully this will not be a problem for Dick since when I took it I was also on FOLFOX and the OXY cold sensitivity made me have difficulty staying hydrated. I just didn't drink as much sense everywhere seemed to serve cold beverages.

I'll be here for you guys I start my chemo on Wednesday FOLFIRI + Cetuximab

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My mom started out doing 4 treatments of Folfox & Avastin, and had to discontinue the Avastin after a few times because her blood pressure skyrocketed. They are hoping to get her back on it once her b.p. is under control.

After the first initial 4 treatments of Folfox, her CT scan showed that it wasn't quite doing the trick for her liver tumors, so they switched her to Folfiri now (plus hopefully the Avastin again soon).

From an outside perspective, I felt like the Folfiri was less hard on her overall than the Folfox was. With Folfox, she was laid up pretty good for at least 5 days, and with Folfiri, she was MUCH more active, even right away. Of course, there are different side effects (nausea more on this one for her, etc), but overall seemed a little less hard.

Praying that your husband has a great response to this new regime, and that he also receives healing from God!

Blessings to you,

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I am on Folfiri and Avastin (9 cycles so far) and find that it is "a breeze" for me compared to Folfox. Almost all my nausea is controlled by pre-meds. I do not have the runs, but rather I get constipated which I stay on top of with Colace. I also take an acid reducer before I eat. I try to walk everday. The length varies on where I am in my cycle. The first 46 hours with the pump, I make it around my block. The two days after my pump is un-hooked, I am really tired, but manage an hour walk. The week off from chemo, I always have plans to visit friends or family (I'm on extended leave from my job) and always include some form of physical exercise. Last week I visited the ranch of a childhood girlfriend of 40+ years and rode her (nearly broke) horses 3 days in a row, went hiking and sailing. I find that the more physical I am and the more that I surround myself with loved ones, the more energy I have. I do pace myself and take a 45 minute nap after lunch. If I'm not sleepy, I'll listen to a meditation/relaxation tape.

I know that we are all different on chemo, but I just wanted to offer my experience. (PS. I'm not superwoman. I was a wimp on Folfox. I could barely get off the couch. Ended up in the ER three times. I didn't think that I was going to make it.)

I hope that Folfiri and Avastin goes as well for Dick. It sounds like he is really physically fit. My oncologist never said anything about exercise and Avastin. It's important to closely monitor cardiac and kidney function. They check my kidney function before each cycle with a urine protein test. And of course they're always checking my blood pressure.

Take good care,

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Hi All,
I read Dick your replies and he is so grateful for the support you give us. All your info was good. Thank you. Saying a prayer for this whole tremendous group.


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I so hope this works well for you. All my best

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Don't have any experience, but wanted to let you both know that I am thinking of you.

Many hugs, Vicki

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Hope you are having a good day.

My husband did take Avastin along with Camptosar. His side effects were very manageable. He did have nosebleeds but we put together a plan and a supply kit and dealt with it when it happened. He also became sensitive to chili and spicy foods but I don't know which drug caused that reaction.

Your family is in my thoughts.


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My sister is on Folfox and Avastin. She has some side-effects but has managed them well. I think keeping up exercise and not letting it get you down is important-my sister went surfing just the other day; doctors love to hear that you are staying active. Good luck, I know Dick will beat this!

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in my thoughts and prayers.hope the new treatment finally gets rid of dicks cancer.

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...on Folfori and Avastin, never did Folfox yet, from what I hear of Folfox, scares the crap out of me, but the nausea is well managed with the anti-nausea meds, and I get really tired after being unhooked the first few days, I will be doing my 12th treatment on Oct 14, she only said 12, but we'll see what happens next, the onc is happy that it is shrinking the tumors in my liver, hope all goes well for you both, you'll all be in my prayers!


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